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Worst Animal Abuse Case Ever! — 7 Comments

  1. sorry i chose not to read it as it would upset me. just from the headline made me reaslise it was bad. Why people have any access to any pets is beyond me.

  2. I don’t think she’ll even get close to Heaven UNLESS she is severely deranged from having this done to her from a very young age from one or both of her parents. Only God knows & HE WILL KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO HANDLE IT!!! This is going on all over the world.

  3. F**K THAT BITCH I HOPE SHE DIES! I WANT TO JUST GO AND TAPE HER MOUTH AND NOSE SHUT. SEE WHAT THAT MONSTER DOES. I HOPE SHE ROTS IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY! THOSE POOR SWEET INNOCENT ANIMALS! They’re happy, and free in heaven as God’s faithful beautiful companions and creations. This is so sad. I hate that EVIL monster who is possessed bu the devil. She is the devil in skin.

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