Young boy lovingly protects a stray cat who had just given birth in Manila storm

This is a really tender photograph. We can get a strong feeling what it is like in Manila in stormy weather. We see stray cats on the Manila Bay promenade wall. A boy uses a bit of plastic sheeting to protect one of the cats. The photographer is Linus Escandor from Manila Bulletin. He was down by the water to get some shots of the storm and bumped into the cats and the boy.

It is a univeral photo (second one above). It will speak to anyone, anywhere. It transcends borders and cultures as good photographs do. It speaks of a tender, sensitive relationship with animals and for a young boy this is special. The photo is special too.

We don’t know the boy’s name. We do know that an animal rescue group came to his aid and rescued the cats. Karma.

Here is another:

Stray cat Manila being protected by boy

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5 thoughts on “Young boy lovingly protects a stray cat who had just given birth in Manila storm”

  1. So heartwarming to see a young boy care for this mother cat and her kittens. I am so happy to know that they were rescued.???

  2. such a genuine display of compassion for such a young age.he could teach alot of others,the word, caring!! WELL DONE !!

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