What is the difference between RTF and TNR for cats?

Volunteer looks after a stray cat. This is a glamorised image created by DALLE-E 3.

Certainly! Let’s delve into the difference between RTF (Return to Field) and TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) programs for cats. But first a charming picture created by another AI computer. In summary, TNR specifically targets feral cats, whereas RTF encompasses all cats and aims to prevent euthanasia while humanely managing the cat population. Both approaches play essential roles in cat welfare …

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Stray cats and dogs are well protected under Italian law

One of Rome's many stray cats and a member of a protected colony

It may surprise some people, as it has surprised me, that stray cats and dogs are given a lot of protection in Italy; far more than in most other countries. This probably shouldn’t surprise me because the stray cats – I’m loathe to call them feral cats because they appear to be semi-domesticated – …

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War machine Russia becomes uncivilised towards stray dogs and cats

Shelter dogs in the east of Russia being shipped west by train to save their lives.

In Putin’s big push to win the war in Ukraine he has increased the military budget to 30% of GDP. The average in the West is around 2%. In 2024, Russia is a war machine and a terrorist state. Most citizens of Russia are unaware of it except that they must be seeing substantially …

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Humane Animal Support Services. A discussion and one criticism.

HASS system can leave stray cats and dogs on the street in harsh weather

Nathan Winograd got me thinking about a program called Humane Animal Support Services (HASS). He doesn’t like the programme or at least one aspect of it. He says that under this program “regressive pounds” turn away animals that need a shelter. The program was created by Austin Pets Alive and “embraced” by Best Friends …

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Likely reason why well-cared for domestic cats leave the security of their home

Dr. John Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense tells us that surveys of domestic cat ownership in the UK confirm that many stray cats have got ‘lost’ (probably temporarily) having left a home in which they were cared for properly. They lived in nice homes with a good owner. This can happen in about …

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Can domestic cats survive outside? Lady Godiva did.

Despite Lady Godiva's grumpy expression, the shelter says she's so sweet. Photo by Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter

This is a poorly formulated question in my opinion by many people carrying out an Internet search using Google. What they mean is can a domestic cat survive outside without the intervention of a human caretaker? Or to put it another way, can a domestic cat leave their home and live in the wild …

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Allegedly Qatar’s stray cats and dogs seized before World Cup

With the world's eyes on Qatar, authorities are desperate to show a positive image by cleaning up the streets of stray animals

The Sun online newspaper has a story which immediately reminds me of the Beijing Olympics and the Sochi Winter Olympics. It’s this: just before these big events start and in this case I’m referring to the football World Cup in Qatar, the authorities clean up the streets of stray cats and dogs. As the …

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50% of stray cats have ear infections causing great discomfort. Are we happy to accept it?

Stray cats Italy

A study from Italy published in 2013 found a very high prevalence of otitis externa in stray cats. What is this? “Otitis” refers to inflammation of the ear. “Externa” refers to the external apparatus of the ear which means the ear canal and ear flap. So were talking about infections in the part of …

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