Young woman allegedly inspired by Luka Magnotta’s killing of two kittens after watching Netflix’s Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a very disturbing story. It concerns a young woman, Scarlet Blake, who has been accused of murdering a man four months after live streaming herself killing and dissecting a cat. This has similarities to the criminality of Luka Magnotta, the Canadian porno star who notoriously videoed himself suffocating two kittens in a plastic bag and uploading the video to the Internet.

As it happens, I have the video on my website and it is the only website where you can see part of the video. I had to remove the animal cruelty part because no hosting company would host the video any more. It was fully available for a long time on my site but now it is a toxic video which cannot be hosted. It’s presence was intended to deter animal abuse but we can see how such videos can – in rare and extreme cases – encourage it.

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And as we know Luka Magnotta went on to murder a Chinese international student Jun Lin. The Netflix series is a 2019 crime docuseries about an online manhunt. It chronicles the events following a crowd-sourced amateur investigation into a series of animal cruelty acts committed, as mentioned, by Luka Magnotta.

It is called Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer. This series was allegedly the catalyst for Blake to act.

Scarlet Blake

Scarlet Blake
Scarlet Blake. Picture: Vagner Hyde News and Pictures Ltd. Problem with publishing the picture here? Please contact me. Thanks.
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Scarlet Blake is on trial at the moment in the UK. She’s 25 years old with an alleged “extreme interest in death”. She live streamed the sadistic killing and dissection of a cat. Four months later she murdered a man who was on a night out with friends.

It is alleged that she caught and killed the cat before putting the animal in a blender. Absolutely horrific.

She allegedly murdered Jorge Martin Carreno, 30, as he walked home from a night-out in Oxford in July 2021. His body was found in the River Cherwell. It appears that he was struck on the back of the head and then drowned.

According to the Mail Online report Blake dissected the cat before putting it into the blender. She then boasted about killing with others. She expressed her “desire to open up a person like her “little cat friend”.

Prosecution counsel at Oxford Crown Court said a vet determined the animal had suffered for three minutes or more as its heart was cut out while still alive.

Mail Online

The prosecution in her case said that she has a fixation with violence “and with knowing what it would be like to kill someone”. Her interest it was stated in court…

“…went beyond mere fantasy. She described herself to others as being someone who derived sexual gratification from the thought of violence and the thought of death. Videos [show] her with one of her partners engaged in acts of strangulation, consensually, in a sexualised context. She spoke to others about what it would be like to kill someone. She looked at imagery and saved it on her devices that showed an interest in ligatures being applied around the neck. She talked about harming herself.”

Prosecution at trial

The prosecutor at the trial explained how months before the alleged murder Blake live streamed to the internet the killing and dissection of a cat after watching the Netflix docuseries. She used a crate and food to capture the cat. She took him/her home and killed her as described. This indicated planning as it required the purchasing of equipment. The prosecution said that her actions “reveal her grotesque pleasure in causing harm to a cat”.

During the killing of the cat Blake tells the cat: “Here we go my little friend. Oh boy, you smell like s***. I can’t wait to put you through the blender.’

I won’t explain what she did next in detail because it is too grotesque horrendous. But she dissected the cat after it was dead and it is clear this woman was and is obsessed with very dark, evil thoughts if these allegations are proved in court.

Blake apparently boasted about the killing with others and “her desire to open up a person like her little cat friend” the court was told. And the court was also told that “It is clear that in her own mind she made a connection between what it felt like to harm this cat and what it would feel like to harm a person.

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Here are some added details about this extraordinary case is provided by The Times newspaper.

Initially, it was thought that the death of Cerrano was accidental and only two years later was it discovered that he had received a blow to the back of the head and drowned.

It is said that Blake had a “fixation with violence and with knowing what would be like to kill someone”. Those are the words of Allison Morgan KC for the prosecution.

She added that, “he died because he met a person who had a fixation with violence and with knowing what it would feel like to kill someone.”

Further, she added: “The prosecution alleges that this defendant had an extreme interest in death and in harm. It was an interest that went beyond mere fantasy. She described herself to others as being someone who derived sexual gratification from the thought of violence and the thought of death.”

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