Scarlet Blake’s crimes are a paradigm example of film causing violence?

Is the Scarlet Blake crime story a paradigm case of film causing violence?

A lot has been said in the news media about Scarlet Blake’s violent crimes against a cat and a man. The former was torture and killing and the latter was murder resulting in a 24-year prison sentence without parole and two and four-month prison sentences to run concurrently for the criminal damage and animal …

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Young woman allegedly inspired by Luka Magnotta’s killing of two kittens after watching Netflix’s Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

Scarlet Blake

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a very disturbing story. It concerns a young woman, Scarlet Blake, who has been accused of murdering a man four months after live streaming herself killing and dissecting a cat. This has similarities to the criminality of Luka Magnotta, the Canadian porno star who notoriously videoed himself suffocating two …

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Latest American alleged mass murderer, Salvador Ramos, wanted the same fame as kitten-killer Luka Magnotta

Don't F**k with Cats docuseries poster

Luka Magnotta is notorious for killing two kittens by suffocation and uploading the video to the Internet. You can see that video on this website. He went on to kill a Chinese international student Jun Lin. A Netflix TV series was made about the online manhunt to find Magnotta, called: Don’t F**k with Cats: …

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Carole Baskin did not cooperate on Tiger King 2

Carole Baskin

NEWS AND COMMENT: Following the success of the Netflix docuseries, Tiger King, the producers have created Tiger King 2 which will aired on November 17, 2021. However, Carole Baskin feels very hard done by as they portrayed her in the same vein as they portrayed Joe Schreibvogel, aka Joe Exotic. She is adamant that …

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Legislation to end private big cat ownership in America passed in the House of Representatives

House of Representatives

NEWS AND COMMENT: The Big Cat Public Safety Act is federal draft legislation which “prohibits the private ownership of big cats like lions and tigers and curbs the exploitative industry of cub-petting” in America. One of the driving forces behind the legislation is Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue (BCR). A lot of people …

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Netflix film about the battle between Big Cat Rescue and Joe Exotic is a big hit

Carole Baskin versus Joe Exotic

It’s been reported that the feud over big cats between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, the founder and owner of Big Cat Rescue (BCR), as documented by Netflix in their film “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” is the most watched show in the UK and the US only weeks after being launched with …

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