Heaven is real: Which pet do you hope to spend eternity with?

I believe heaven is for real, and our precious pets go there when they die. There, they wait for us, and may occasionally pay a pop-in visit back in our world. Just to be sure we’re doing well without them.

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The topic of heaven and our pets always makes my head spin. I truly hope that one day I will be reunited with all of the pets I’ve loved and lost in my lifetime. But what if heaven has a limit of some sort, and we’re only allowed one pet to keep us company for all eternity. Which of your beloved pets would you choose, and why, is the topic of this article.

Personally, I’m undecided. All of my pets have been special in different ways. There are a few who have gone above and beyond the love most pet owner have had the pleasure of experiencing. So I choose to introduce you to a few of my most loved over the years.

Sealy came to us as a seriously injured cat. His stories are all listed on PoC, and it’s been a long struggle to get him healthy. Sealy is one of my all time favorite cats because he makes me feel needed. This sweet former feral has progressed beyond all of my expectations and become a lap cat. His favorite past time is to lay with his head against my shoulder, where he can rub the top of his head under my chin. Sealy will snuggle up and take a nap there. He makes me feel needed. Like I’m the most important person in his world.

Although Tramp died in 1993, I still have very strong emotions when I think of him. We rescued this flea-covered baby from a ditch across from my home. Unfortunately, he had distemper, but we pulled him through. Tramp had lived as an indoor cat after his rescue. We protected him from dangers from the outside world, but we couldn’t save him from FIP. He died at 8 months old. I still recall him riding on my leg as I toted him from town to town when I traveled. And the pain is still there as I syringe fed him in the days before his death, knowing I was fighting a losing battle.

I saved Dreyfuss for last, because if I could only choose one pet, it would be very hard for me not to choose Dreyfuss. He chose me the day I met him as a pup in the back of a pickup truck in a convenience store parking lot. I was blessed to have Dreyfuss with me for more than 12 years. That’s old in boxer years, and other than a bit of arthritis and cardiomyopathy, he was healthy his entire life.

Dreyfuss was special, because he was a service dog with the ability to predict a seizure or sleep apnea before they hit. Dreyfuss was there to pull me up from the bed after my hysterectomy in 2006 when I was left with a 12 inch stapled incision. He knew how to come to me and I’d place both hands on his head and push up. Dreyfuss was also there for me as I got out of a dangerous relationship. He was trained to come to my side at the click of my fingers, and to attack anyone who meant me harm. He was thoughtful until the end, when on that day he waited for me to arrive home from work before he died by my side. Dreyfuss was the pet of my soul, meaning no other animal ever can take his place.

I lost one of the greatest loves of my life last summer to a hit and run. James loved Dreyfuss almost as much as I did. He’d take Dreyfuss to visit friends, where he could run and play in the country. I like to think Dreyfuss was waiting for him at the end of the Rainbow Bridge, and that they’ll be the first faces I see when my time comes.

I’ve chosen some cats while not choosing others for a reason. Many of my cats would simply be happier playing on the bridge, whether or not we were together. In Sealy and Tramps lives, they’ve needed me. With Dreyfuss, I needed him. And Furby has already told me he plans to rejoin Spot on the bridge when his time comes. I’ve learned over the years that what Furby wants, Furby gets.

Who is the pet of your soul?
I realize the older we get, the more pets we have given a piece of our heart to. If you had to choose, which pet do you look forward to seeing most, or spending eternity by your side? Please leave a comment, and a photo if you have one.


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Heaven is real: Which pet do you hope to spend eternity with? — 73 Comments

  1. Although, I don’t really believe in heaven but if I did and if it does exist then there is one cat that I would like to spend eternity with in heaven and her name is Missie. I think it’s unfair to have a preference for one cat. But that is the way it is, although I love them all in their own way.

    There is some sort of connection between me and Missie and it may be something to do with the fact that she was a kind of daughter substitute and she was lost in an accident. Her life was cut short. I would love to see again and if by some miracle I do it will be the happiest moment of my life (my death, I mean!)

  2. I think Tiggy who went to the rainbow bridge last September would be my choice as she was so caring and a character with it. She wouldn’t leave my side the day my mum died so they know when you are hurting.I think a lot of people underestimate cats feelings. Poor Tiggy had a heart condition for about three years and was suffering so at the end. Oh dear I’m crying again still Gabby wants her dinner now so must do that she’s 9 now and fit and I can tell she misses Tiggy too !!

    • That’s very sad I’m sorry for your loss. Is Gabby another cat? I know what you mean when you say that Tiggy was caring – they know how we feel. Last September is not long ago either. It must be hard for you now what with it being not long ago. I wish you and Tiggy peace and calm.

    • sorry for your loss too its not an easy thing saying goodbye to any pet. Takes time to get over i loss my girl of 10 yrs in january. I always remember her dearly. Its only been a few months. It does take time to get though. its like the two step forwards, two step back. 🙂 hugs

    • Val,

      Tiggy must be such a dear little un. Sometimes i think that people in our societies do not pay attention to the day-to-day. Only those of us who truly understand do .

    • I thought you’d choose Red. That’s how I felt about Tramp. I was able to pull him through so much only to lose him at 8 months. I’ve never seen so many fleas on a kitten as I did the day Laura found him in a ditch.

        • Never saw that one coming. You’d think we’d choose the animals we spent the most time with. Well, I did for Dreyfuss. Only my 14 year old cat came close, but he’s working on the bridge where he catches the cats who come over the bridge so fast they fall into the milk and honey stream below. So Spot doesn’t need me. Dreyfuss always understood every word I said to him. He was more of a son than a dog. Which could be true because his fur and my hair were the exact same shade.

      • Elisa, even though I’m not sure about this religious “biblical” Heaven after passing from life as we know it, I do believe in angels. From my fundamentalist christian youth, I confess that I thought it was all a bunch of hooey. Figments of imagination, suffering, strength and hope. It wasn’t until I was resuscitated after a seizure, as well as a pickup accident in the winter on black ice over a 80 ft drop overpass, that I had to face my afterlife. And the angels. It does not matter to me any longer if my comrades think that I am nuts. The angels were there. I don’t believe for one twinkling of time that we will have to choose. In my humble mind, we will all be part of the multi-universal, infinite cosmos aka Heaven. 🙂

          • I was in a little Ford pickup truck, no weight in the back. Black ice. 222 accidents that night in Omaha, NE exiting, West. I had my daughter and her best friend in the extended cab. The Angel that reassured me that we WOULD and WERE safe, was over the 80-ft drop (which I saw more than once as I fishtailed). That beautiful light-filled angel who gave me nothing in my peripheral except *positive energy*

              • No. I did not believe that I would allow those two, my daughter and her friend to lose their lives due to some physics out of my control. My mind shot through the synapses w/the adrenaline rush and needed neurotransmitters as quickly as I could say the word “SHOOT!” Somehow, I was able to regain control of the fishtailed pickup. But the funny thing is, during that nanosecond or split second, I had an angel–a real live (ethereally) Angel appear to me and tell me that I could do it, I could handle the necessary response to getting out. To getting out of the situation. And, fortunately, by the grace of that angel go I. “)

    • Is Red in heaven, Marc? He is in your dreams and your daily thoughts, isn’t he? You are loved by him, you know. the accidents that happen due to people in vehicles who just do not give a hoot, those are the people that scare most of us.

      • (that scare us most. the ones who don’t seem to care. the ones who run over squirrels and cats; the ones who skin cats alive and drag pitbulls behind their vehicles…these are the the sordid individuals who deserve some rehabilitation so that they see the light of day.)

      • i think no matter what animal it is it is always takes a huge part of your heart. I remember when ozzie almost got run over n had to go to vet he had air in his lungs was the worst thing as he was only 8 months old. It would be heartbreaking to lose an animal at such a young age i had a friend where her cat got run over and was horrible seeing her in so much pain. I cant wait till the day we will be reunited with your beloved humans n animals.

        • That is truly the most important comment that I have seen you take the time to write, Kylee. What is your Mother’s name, and your Father’s name? I feel for you, and what you were forced to endure. <3

          • Their first names?
            Sharon and Paul Mitchell Yea i often feel so bad when people have lost their cats so young ,and i almost forgot about what happened to ozzie was in 2012 around september remember waking up and my bf atn saying theres something wrong with ozzie he couldnt move was crying out in pain. I know sometimes i don’t write a-lot as i do find it hard to say exactly on my heart. Seeing ozzie in such pain i immediately rung the after hours vet and got him down there which is only just down the road its very close to where we live. we were so worried as ozzie was such a special boy at this time. He was our resident Rat Catcher and still is brought the most biggest one in the other nite it was MASSIVE . Was horrible as had to stay in there 3 days he hated it so much the thing that was worse as he was in neighbours backyard and they were almost going to get rid of him. But thankfully rob came home in time. Thankfully the vet was able to take air out of his lungs he was in alot of trauma but he managed to survive as thankfully was only on one side. He was a very strong cat. Every time we went in to see him whicih was basically every day. When we had to go he cried out at us virtually saying Come…. back dont leave me here. Thankfully he made it though. It was the most traumatic thing we had ever gone though. It really just makes u realise how important your loved animals are so all hard. Thankfully at the time the vet bill wasnt as expensive as cassys…..stll paying it off. Im just pleased cassy didnt decide to die then. im slowly getting over cassy but i just wish there was visiting hours or something. Sorry for my super long comment but felt i needed to explain

    • Marc, YOU did get to LIVE a solid life with Red, even if it was cut short. Believe and RELISH that. YOU had a lot more than many of us did. <3

    • Marc, I hope that you do not resent me. Not because I’m female, and have undercover cops coming to my door when I try to procure weed, but I hope that you don’t look to criticize me because I have a now-six-year-old red tabby named Shrimp, who was the soul sole survivor of a busy street and a redneck-derelict-in-vehicle-schlepp.

  3. Such a hard task to choose from so many.
    I love(d) them all dearly. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned dogs here for obvious reasons.
    But, to be honest, the complete love of my life was Hobbes, a chow/dauschund mix.
    I had him from 7 weeks old to 18 years. He suffered terribly from arthritis, and I had to have him PTS in 2006. That was because he just gave up and looked at me like, “What are you doing, Mom?” If he hadn’t given up, I would have carried him (50#) in and out of the house forever.
    He knew all of my secrets, strengths, and weaknesses.
    I know he loved me and I loved him.

    • That must be so tough to endure. Any animal can take over our heart. It doesn’t really matter the species, it’s that companion that got us through our hardest times…

    • And that same loving companion who we finally had to relinquish and pts, due to the suffering. He asked you to do that, and you did it when he asked. Peace and no more suffering is what you wanted for him, after he looked at you. Hobbes, your dog, your chowchow/dauschund mix will always be there for you, when you need him. The Afterlife can be even stronger than the living.

  4. well i would have to choose cassy although she lived to a good age. I miss her way how she always knew when i was down or sad. i miss seeing her all the time. Although i love all my animals everytime i look at photos its just soo hard. I printed out some photos today to put in a frame like a collage and i know i prob shouldnve printed them out as made me really upset.

      • yea although its only been a few months it really feels like forever. Jasmin is here now and she has made life easier but every time i see a picture of cass i turn into a mess. I really must do another one sometime.

        • I’ve never done one. You inspire me! the problem w/me is that I have what’s called “photographic memory.” It’s not worth much, believe me… XOXO. (<3)

          • aww thanks ill do some more soon all i did is i bought a scrapbooking program called Craftartist2 proffessional its made in the Uk but think you could get it over in us. http://www.daisytrail.com where u can make scrapbooks, cards,etc i just buy particular kits online via scrapbooking sites….believe u me i buy too much stuff. I like ones with cats and animals. Then just find some photos and put it all together. Its nice to know it brings some joy and inspiration as sometimes i dont know. i feel like im just existing atm. Its winter time and don’t usually do so well at this time of year. Was my birthday yesterday and it rained and hailed and was so windy all day long. was so depressing. But went out with lunch with my mum to a cafe. Checked out a new store that just opened called warehouse Stationary its huge has like office supplies, photo ink which i got a yellow so no excuse to not print stuff out now lol. Anyway ive done it again too much writing which prob doesnt make any sence.

  5. This puts me in mind of the article that Ruth wrote a couple of weeks ago, I think we all love to believe there is a Heaven for us after we’re done with this life. But if there are any restrictions on the number of animals that can share our Heaven then it wouldn’t be Heaven for most of us (as DW pointed out. My heaven will have all of my beloved late family of humans,cats and dogs, birds and fish, and those animals that weren’t family to us but were friends, and those animals that no one loved on this plane. As in life I couldn’t/wouldn’t choose one beloved over another. “In my Fathers house are many mansions” my mansion will be full to overflowing with loved ones of all species, otherwise it won’t be Heaven it will be Hell.

    • I may have worked very hard to not play favorites in the past with my cats (Koi and frogs), but I know I wasn’t always the “mom” that I really wanted to be. Some were more demanding than others, although I was always conscious of this and worked on it as best I could… It’s good to have just one cat now, after Luck passed. I don’t have to worry nearly as much. Does that make sense, or am I truly going mad? lol

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