Dutch autistic, depressed woman, 28, with 2 cats will euthanize herself soon

Young woman goes over the rainbow bridge after euthanising herself in The Netherlands with the assistance of a doctor

NEWS AND OPINION/DISCUSSION – THE NETHERLANDS: With the assistance of a doctor and in the company of her boyfriend, Zoraya ter Beek, 28, will euthanize herself in May (believed to be ‘assisted suicide’) because her depression and autism have not improved. She said to herself that if it did not improve, she’d end her …

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2 reasons why it hurts more when your cat dies compared to a close relative


There are 2 reasons why it is not uncommon for cat owners to feel more distress and emotional hurt when their cat passes over the rainbow bridge than when relatives die including parents or a husband or wife. This is not a universal formula but I think it will be true on many occasions. …

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The ETHICS of pet freeze-drying

Freeze-drying your pet

Nobody discusses this topic! No even Psychology Today. There is quite a lot on the internet about freeze-drying your pet but nothing on the more important topic of whether it is ethical. So, what is frieze-drying your pet? Freeze-drying stops the decaying process by using a combination of very low temperature and vacuum application …

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Cats have no fear of death which is an enormous advantage over us

Rainbow bridge

  A cat has no concept of its own death and so it cannot anticipate it, no matter how ill it feels. – Dr Desmond Morris If an old domestic cat left to their own devices falls ill, they don’t think that they are dying. They feel pain and discomfort and what it means …

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Pope Francis Says That Cats Go To Heaven

Conservative Catholics have a no-pets policy with respect to heaven because they say animals cannot pass through the Pearly Gates of heaven because they neither have souls nor are they baptised. In addition, animals don’t have the free will to decide between good and evil. The current Pope is named after Francis, the patron …

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Heaven is real: Which pet do you hope to spend eternity with?

I believe heaven is for real, and our precious pets go there when they die. There, they wait for us, and may occasionally pay a pop-in visit back in our world. Just to be sure we’re doing well without them. The topic of heaven and our pets always makes my head spin. I truly …

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