2 videos which go to the heart of domestic cat behaviour and health

Here are 2 videos which go to the heart of domestic cat behaviour and health.


Active cat at night

Active cat at night. Normal and to be expected feline behaviour but out of sync with humans. Screenshot.

In the first one we see a black cat being very active at night. It’s a cool little video which shows the cat’s owners asleep while their black cat is active. Their body clocks are out of sync. This is one of the difficulties in creating a harmonious relationship between human and cat. We adapt to it and so do cats. But it would be nice if cats and humans had the same body clock; the same circadian rhythm.

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The reason why I say this video goes to the heart of domestic cat behaviour is because it’s all about the domestic cat’s inheritance from the wildcat; a night-time hunter. We know the domestic cat is diurnal which means they want to hunt and be active during the day and night but they tend to favour dawn and dusk and night time. It depends upon the individual and how they live. For full-time indoor cats their night-time becomes somewhat blurred with daytime or it can do.

Activity at night is about hunting. When domestic cats are active at dawn and dusk, it goes to their raison d’être, the reason for their lives. This is to hunt, to kill and eat. When a domestic cat is active at night it is their life. It’s their mojo. It’s what they’re meant to be doing. It’s what they are motivated to do and when they are at their happiest.

So, if we can’t satisfy that desire, we have to find alternatives which means to play with our cat. Or to allow our cat to find ways to play to simulate hunting. There is no other way to substitute the real thing.


Kitten eating large steak

Kitten eating large steak voraciously. Screenshot.

In the second video we see a highly energised kitten tackling a large steak. I must say, thinking about this video, it seems to me that the kitten might have been starved a little bit because he or she is so crazily motivated to eat this huge chunk of meat. Nonetheless, it reminds us that kittens are born 100% carnivorous. They’ve got to get that meat. They are, as you know, obligate carnivores.


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So, everything about their diet turns on the ingredients that are found within the flesh, fat, bones, cartilage, water, fur and stomach contents of a prey animal such as a mouse. They’ve got to have all those things to be healthy. And the great debate about cat caregiving is the quality of the food that we give them. The quality of the food that manufacturers think we should give them. The lack of quality of the food that is often manufactured. And the insidious health consequences that flow from that.

But eating the flesh of animals go to the heart of a domestic cat’s life. It’s the first step in caregiving in the process of managing the life of the domestic cat to a high standard.

Note: I need to mention that feeding your cat with a raw steak and nothing else is not providing your cat with a balanced diet. The video has been made to entertain people. It tells half the story. It tells us that kittens are carnivores but you have to add in all the other ingredients that come from other parts of the prey animal’s body. These contain the other nutrients which are added in by the manufacturers. They are vital to the health of the domestic cat.

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