“Cats should be put out at night”

"Cats should be put out at night"

The adage that “cats should be put out at night” is a concept from the past. Back in the day, many years ago, the adage was often followed because: The mantra or adage had a purpose similar to today’s locking a cat out of the bedroom at night. But things have changed. Cat caregivers …

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Cheetahs become more nocturnal and less active in high temperatures which may have negative survival consequences

Can the cheetah be domesticated?

A new study: Increasing ambient temperatures trigger shifts in activity patterns and temporal partitioning in a large carnivore guild, has concluded that the cheetah becomes more active at night i.e. tends to become nocturnal with high ambient temperatures and they also decrease their activity levels. The cheetah is a large wild cat species which …

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Why do cats wake up before their owners?

Cat wakes up owner because they are crepuscular

The fact that domestic cats wake up before their owners is something that a cat caregiver needs to adapt to as they are unlikely to change as it’s instinctive and inherited from their wild cat ancestor. It’s because cats are crepuscular animals which means that they are most active during the dawn and dusk …

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Emotionally cats help people to sleep but behaviorally they disrupt sleep

Man's sleep is disturbed by his cat! He can't breathe.

There appears to be two opposing forces in play when it comes to how cats and dogs affect human sleep. On the positive side, the emotional support and warmth that cats and dogs bring to their human caregivers promotes better sleep. On the negative side, the behavior of a companion animal – particularly cats …

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How did the cat become associated with witchcraft?

Witch's cat

The compact infographic below summarises how the humble and innocent cat became so unfairly associated with witchcraft. Once again, I rely on the best man or women on the matter of cat history and behavior: Dr Desmond Morris. Such clean writing and clarity of thought. He says that religious bigots, in this case Christians, …

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2 videos which go to the heart of domestic cat behaviour and health

Kitten eating large steak

Here are 2 videos which go to the heart of domestic cat behaviour and health. Crepuscular In the first one we see a black cat being very active at night. It’s a cool little video which shows the cat’s owners asleep while their black cat is active. Their body clocks are out of sync. …

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Stop your cat waking you at night as per Jackson Galaxy

Ignore your cat's advances at 3 AM to help alter her rhythms

Are you one of those people who strongly disapproves of your cat waking you up at night? You might even lock your cat out of the bedroom. You believe that domestic cats are entirely nocturnal and therefore their body clock drives them to be active at night and passive and sleepy during the day …

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