Theory on why cats are obligate carnivores (hyper-carnivores)

Carnivore diet

James Sanderson and Patrick Watson in their book Small Wild Cats make what I think is a very interesting suggestion or theory as to why all members of the Felidae family i.e. all cats, are hyper-carnivores meaning that they can only eat meat and that their digestive systems and anatomy have evolved over millions …

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Expensive cat food can be 25 times more expensive than the cheapest. Is it worth it?

Cost of cat food chart

The experts at the Clinical Nutrition Service say that “The yearly costs ranged from $86 to over $2,100” when assessing the price range of wet and dry cat foods in the United States. The infographic below shows the range. It is entirely based on their assessment. The cheapest dry food costs 23 cents a …

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2 videos which go to the heart of domestic cat behaviour and health

Kitten eating large steak

Here are 2 videos which go to the heart of domestic cat behaviour and health. Crepuscular In the first one we see a black cat being very active at night. It’s a cool little video which shows the cat’s owners asleep while their black cat is active. Their body clocks are out of sync. …

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Threats of a £20,000 fine and jail if cat and dog owners put their pets on a vegetarian diet

Vegetarian cat food

UK – NEWS AND COMMENT: The Daily Mail is reporting on a story which I find a bit extreme. They say that the Blue Cross charity are reminding dog owners (we have to include cat owners as well) that if they feed their dog a vegetarian diet because of their beliefs, they could be …

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Keeping a cat violates the principles of veganism?

Girlfriend insists boyfriend gets rid of Mittens because she is a vegan and believes that domestic cats should be extinct

NEWS AND VIEWS: The words of the title are not mine. I think they are too intransigent, too intolerant. But they are the words of the girlfriend to a 22-year-old man who lives with a ginger tabby-and-white long-haired cat. Mittens. This guy was in an excellent relationship with his girlfriend. They were highly compatible …

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Practical implications for the cat being a strict carnivore

African wildcat in urban environment

We hear a lot about the cat being a ‘strict carnivore’ (obligate carnivore) but what does it mean in practical terms to the person looking after their cat? I’d like to explore that briefly in this article. The domestic cat is said to have “nutritional idiosyncrasies”. In other words a cat’s diet is idiosyncratic …

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Feral cats will eat human flesh if needs must

Cats will eat human flesh when needs must

In truth this is a non-news story because it is stating the obvious. There is nothing special about the flesh of a dead human over that of animals because we are animals anatomically speaking. reports that researchers at the Colorado Mesa University’s Forensic Investigation Research Station put the bodies of 40 deceased individuals …

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