Theory on why cats are obligate carnivores (hyper-carnivores)

Carnivore diet

James Sanderson and Patrick Watson in their book Small Wild Cats make what I think is a very interesting suggestion or theory as to why all members of the Felidae family i.e. all cats, are hyper-carnivores meaning that they can only eat meat and that their digestive systems and anatomy have evolved over millions …

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Expensive cat food can be 25 times more expensive than the cheapest. Is it worth it?

Cost of cat food chart

The experts at the Clinical Nutrition Service say that “The yearly costs ranged from $86 to over $2,100” when assessing the price range of wet and dry cat foods in the United States. The infographic below shows the range. It is entirely based on their assessment. The cheapest dry food costs 23 cents a …

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2 videos which go to the heart of domestic cat behaviour and health

Kitten eating large steak

Here are 2 videos which go to the heart of domestic cat behaviour and health. Crepuscular In the first one we see a black cat being very active at night. It’s a cool little video which shows the cat’s owners asleep while their black cat is active. Their body clocks are out of sync. …

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Can dogs eat cat food?

Dog loves cat and vice versa

No! The answer is in the evolution of cats and dogs and the divergence of their “evolutionary paths” some 30 million years ago. Both are scientifically classified within the class Mammalia and within the order Carnivora. The divergence in evolution resulted in dogs becoming members of the Canoidea superfamily and cats becoming members of …

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What if cats were herbivores

Wouldn’t the world be better if all creatures were herbivores? Herbivores eat plants to live. There would be no killing. No animals would prey on another animal. I am looking at this very simplistically but as there would be no killing there would be a lot more animals. The planet wouldn’t be able to …

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