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5 reasons why the tiger is endangered — 2 Comments

  1. Why did you fail to mention the PRIMARY reason they are dying off?

    Here, let me add it for you:

    Reason 6

    This is without a doubt the primary reason today that ALL big-cats around the world are dying off–from feline diseases being spread to all native cat species on every continent coming directly from stray house-cats. Even endangered Florida Panthers are going to go extinct now the very same way that UK’s native Scottish Wildcat have gone extinct. Proved through DNA sequencing that the FLV they died from came directly from stray house-cats and no other sources.

    Would you like links to the articles that prove all this 100%? Or is that too much “real world” for you to handle.

    • You are definitely incorrect. Horribly incorrect. It is you who is living in the unreal world of cat hating bias. You are joke. Don’t come back. You waste my time.

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