Roundup of tiger conservation initiatives currently taking place (2024)

Tiger conservation efforts are extensive

Tiger conservation efforts are ongoing globally, with several significant initiatives reported: These initiatives reflect a concerted effort to protect and increase tiger populations, ensuring the survival of this iconic species. Sources: IUCN SOS, IUCN, Tigers Panda, Earth Brigade Foundation, Byjus, World Wildlife. Sources for the information below are extensive and all from the internet. …

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Infographic on why the tiger is endangered

Why the tiger is endangered in an infographic

The infographic explains why the tiger is endangered in a succinct way. There are many articles on this website on the gradual slide into extinction in the wild of all subspecies of tiger. The Bengal subspecies has the highest population at around 3,500 across countries including India, Bangladesh and Bhutan in the north. Most …

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Bengal tiger’s giant leap to freedom into the Bay of Bengal

Bengal tiger leaps into the Bay of Bengal and to freedom

This is a screenshot from a video, provided by Parveen Kaswan, of a Bengal tiger being released from a boat on what I believe is a river tributary leading to the Bay of Bengal just south of the Sundarbans which is a major Bengal tiger reserve. It is also the home of farmers which …

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Carole Baskin speaks fluently about ending private ownership of tigers and cub handling

Carole Baskin being interviewed by Wink news

In this interview of Carole Baskin by a presenter at WINK news, she speaks eloquently and fluently about her passion, which is to phase out private ownership of tigers in the USA and to end cub handling. She wants to achieve this through her Big Cat Public Safety Act (BCPSA). She has campaigned tirelessly …

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Endangered Nepal tiger – great efforts to save the Bengal tiger in Nepal

Bengal tigers in Nepal - camera trap image

In 2009 I wrote that the endangered Bengal tiger in Nepal was heading towards extinction in the wild in that country. I was in despair and said that it was just one more sad, very sad, example of the general apathy we as a world have about the survival in the wild of our …

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China is a CITES contracting party but should they be?

Tiger farms, China

Yes, China is a CITES contracting party. But is China playing the game with a straight bat? Is China doing what it should be doing under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora? CITES has some strengths. Its existence is an indication of the concern we have over …

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How many tigers live in the Sundarbans 2021?

Sundarbans Bengal tiger

It is claimed that there are 210 tigers in the Sundarbans (the combined Indian and Bangladesh portions) as at 2021 but a new count is required on the Bangladesh side, it seems. Also I would not be entirely confident about tiger count numbers. They are not that reliable. For the sake of clarity there …

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