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Why the tiger is endangered in an infographic

Infographic on why the tiger is endangered

The infographic explains why the tiger is endangered in a succinct way. There are many articles on this website on the gradual slide into extinction in the wild of all subspecies of tiger. The...

5 reasons why the tiger is endangered

5 reasons why the tiger is endangered

Here are five reasons why the Tiger is endangered. They centre around loss of habitat, declining numbers, declining numbers of breeding adults and poaching for body parts all leading to an uncertain future in the wild.

Bengal tiger is endangered

Why Are Bengal Tigers Endangered?

In answering the question in the title it is important to refer to the date of this article because things are changing all the time and getting worse for Bengal tiger conservation. This article...

How successful is Project Tiger?

India’s Project Tiger is unsuccessful. When Project Tiger was set up in April 1973. Indira Gandhi was interested in wildlife and had spoken about conservation some 4 years earlier in a speech to the...

Bengal tiger

Shoot the Tiger Poachers!

The Bangladeshi authorities have stepped up their fight against tiger poachers. They have to because the poachers, funded by big business, usually in China, are winning the battle. Not enough resources are put into...

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