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Bengal tigers in Nepal - camera trap image

8 reasons why tigers are endangered

Here are 8 reasons why the tiger is endangered. I’m referring to both the Bengal and Siberian tiger (Amur tiger). I will try and list them in order of importance. Available space What I’m...

Mother and tiger cub

When do tigers leave their mother?

When do tigers leave their mother? Tigers leave their mother conclusively between 17 and 24 months of age. Males leave earlier than females. By 15 months of age young male adult tigers often leave...

Sloth bear with 2 cubs on her back defeats 2 Bengal tigers in chance encounter

Sloth bear with 2 cubs on her back defeats 2 tigers

RANTHAMBORE NATIONAL PARK, INDIA: A sloth bear came across a couple of Bengal cat tigers mating. The male tiger and female tigress clashed with the bear. The photographs by wildlife photographer Aditya Dicky Singh...

Tiger eye

Can tigers cry?

Yes, they can but not because of an emotional reaction to something but as a physical means to wash away a substance on the cornea of their eye or eyes. The point is this:...

Tigress and young

When do tigers become adults?

‘Young tigers continue to put on muscle until they are about five years old’. Those are the words of Fiona Sunquist in Wild Cats of the World, an excellent and reliable book by her...

Tiger attacked by wild dogs

Can any animal kill a tiger?

Yes, some animals can kill a tiger alone while other animals in a pack can kill a tiger. I’ll describe three instances which illustrate how it can happen. However, sometimes, rarely, adult rhinoceroses and...

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