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9 ways domestic cats show their affection for us — 2 Comments

  1. Befriending a deaf cat is something special and so heartwarming. They appreciate it SO much. As for the signs: yes and my cats do all these things. I’ve noticed that a cat will usually have a favorite expression and emphasize it. My cat Pete used to sing out long loud meows to me when I pulled into the driveway. Callie likes to stop, drop and roll in front of me when we meet outside (is that one for the list?). Another that many of mine have done is the wide-eyed-stare-from-across-the-room…

  2. I’m so glad this baby now has a loving forever home. You can see by the photo that they both love each other. Also, let’s not forget the paw touch. Our daughter likes to lift her paw up and she knows it gets me every time because it is so damn cute!!

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