How do domestic cats respond to music?

Domestic cat enjoying music. Or are they?!

Cats and music—a curious combination! Let’s explore how our feline friends groove (or perhaps purr) to the tunes. 🎵 In summary, cats do have musical preferences, and understanding their reactions can help us create harmonious melodies for our feline companions. 🐾🎶 For further exploration, you can check out the scholarly articles: Remember, whether it’s …

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Do cats apologise to their owners when they’ve done something wrong?

Do cats apologise?

A ‘veterinary expert’ in Miami, USA, Nuria Gómez Constanzo, believes that cats apologise to their caregivers when they’ve done something wrong. They understand they’ve done something wrong and then they try and make up by rubbing against their owners and being extra friendly towards them as their version of an apology. My conclusion at …

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Domestic cat maternal aggression

Domestic cat maternal aggression is instinctive

Domestic cat maternal aggression is also referred to as maternal protective aggression. It’s what you think it is: a queen’s protective behaviour towards perceived threats to her kittens. It’s a natural instinct when she is caring for her young. In Peter Neville’s book Do Cats Need Shrinks? a client of his, Susan Swift, asked …

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Why is your cat’s tail always up when you are petting her, but down otherwise?

Cat tail up when petted

Essentially, domestic cats use their tail as a means of communication and its position conveys their emotions and intentions. A domestic cat holds their tail vertically – called the “tail-up” position – when greeting a friendly cat. They’ll do the same when greeting their owner. It’s a sign of relaxed confidence in the encounter. …

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Non-cat owners ask: “Do cats get emotionally attached to their owners like dogs?”

Timothy Hardway with his cat

To good cat owners – and the vast majority are at least decent at the job – the question in the title is bizarre and slightly upsetting as it implies that cats simply don’t become emotionally attached to their owner when obviously they do otherwise there wouldn’t be many millions of happy cats and …

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Cat bed den infographic

Which den would a cat prefer?

A compact infographic on the cat bed den. This is the place where your cat sleeps. They might use it during the day when their owner is more active. The infographic is centred around a picture I just took of two cat bed dens side by side; one made with cheap materials, made for shipping an Amazon product and free and the other made for the purpose and expensive. My cat prefers the free one.

Often homemade cat products are the best. The classic example of homemade cat products is the cat toy. You can buy plastic ones online or use a bit of string or a ball of paper. Or perhaps make your own cat tease – a feather on a stick. Note: string should not be left on the ground.

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