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The social function of tail up in domestic cats — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Mike what do cat’s do that have noooo tails? LOL I have several and a few with just a little stump.

    • The little stump sticks up! But the friendly signal is not received. And this reminds me of the Scottish Fold. They can’t use their ears to signal impending hostility to another cat when they are pulled back because they are always flat to the head. And hairless cats can’t make themselves bigger by making their fur erect. All these mutations have a minor negative effect on survivability.

      • Yes Trouble’s stump does stick up and when she was little I taught her how to wag it, lol. When she’s cuddling she wiggles it back and forth and when she’s happy but it does stick straight up when she’s mad

        • I named her Trouble because she does everything you don’t want a cat to do, lol. She’s a little brat and has to have her way. If you leave your plate of food she’ll snatch and run and hide behind the couch to eat her prize she stole. I’ve never seen another cat like her.

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