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A Serious Threat To Domestic Cat Welfare? — 12 Comments

    • Hello Kitty, it’s lovely to ‘meet’ such a like minded person who truly does love and appreciate cats like we do here on PoC.

  1. Hand hygiene, people. That’s all it’s about. Wash hands with soap and water frequently, especially after scooping the litter box or gardening. My doctor asked me if I was worried about this having a cat. I said that I wash my hands. She pointed out that many people probably don’t. Her answer was not to ban the cat, but to promote good hand hygiene. If it’s good enough for an MD, it’s good enough for me. (Actually, she’s a DO, whatever that is.)

  2. Well said Ruth and I intend to say something very similar.

    I think that in general people who love cats are more sympathetic and caring and dare I even say spritual and so I think that any extra suicides noticed amongst cat owners could probably be put down to the despair that such people feel at the rottenness the people who think they are entitled to run this earth in selfserving, cruel and ignorants ways and choose suicide as a means of getting away from it all!

    I also think that whoever has come up with this tommy-rot wants to be spending their time on something a bit more useful and a bit less destructive.

    • Exactly! Cat lovers are more sensitive souls who sometimes despair about the cruel people in this world who make it a miserable place for us to live in and I reckon that’s why some commit suicide.

  3. I’m so sick and tired of people who should look for better things to do than spend time researching ways to stir up more hatred for cats.
    Where do they get their statistics? Why search for things to blame on cats?
    I don’t know or care if cats have parasites because some humans ARE parasites and spread more disease with their disgusting habits and pollute this earth more than any other species does.
    I’ve lived, worked and volunteered with cats all my adult life, I never pass a cat without stopping to talk to him/her and stroke them if they will allow me to and if I ever contemplate suicide it won’t be because of anything I may have caught from cats,it will be because I can’t stand the way the human race think they are entitled to abuse animals as if they are beneath us.
    Furthermore, many a lonely person probably would have committed suicide but for their cat companion and I think that far outweighs any slight danger of catching some disease from that cat.

  4. I have heard that the most likely way for a human to get it is when gardening. I suppose this has more to do with feces from small rodents. But gun slingers wouldn’t get off on shooting mice I suppose, so they blame it all on cats. Do dogs have it? Anyway, certainly don’t do any gardeing if you are worried about it!

    • Because they are often older and more susceptible (if they older) to suicidal thoughts. And they are more in need of a cat companion.

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