Can cats get toxoplasmosis from drinking unpasteurized milk?

Farm cat about to drink some unpasteurised cow's milk which might expose them to a T. gondii infection

Yes, cats can get toxoplasmosis from drinking unpasteurised milk. This is interesting because it still remains the case that in many countries people think that the domestic cat will enjoy a saucer of milk and sometimes it will be unpasteurised. Cow’s milk is not ideal for domestic cats as estimates suggest that a significant …

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Fact check ‘humans are more likely to get toxoplasmosis from eating raw foods than from cat feces’

Cross contamination and possible infection by T. gondii oocysts

RELATED: Captive Pallas’s cats die of toxoplasmosis The fact in the title is true. Humans are indeed more likely to get toxoplasmosis from eating raw foods than from cat feces. Here’s why: Prevalence in raw meat: The parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, Toxoplasma gondii, forms cysts in the muscle tissue of infected animals. Consuming undercooked …

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Fact Check on “horror antibiotic-resistant superbugs” jumping from pets to people

Zoonoses are being exaggerated by the news media for clickbait

The purpose of this article is to ‘fact check’ or put some sensible reality into what I would consider to be sensationalist headlines in the news media about a study (which I can’t find sadly on the Internet) which according to the news media states that antibiotic-resistant superbugs are jumping from cats and dogs …

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Clearing up some myths about the Black Death. Bacterium analysis of preserved ship’s rats.

Black Death - a classic illustration

For many years, as long as I can remember, there have been numerous articles online about the Black Death and how it was spread in mediaeval Europe. There have been myths and inaccuracies and I for one have been responsible for some inaccuracies. However, it seems that gradually we are better understanding one of …

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Mail Online’s clickbait title about domestic cat zoonoses is irresponsible

Mail Online clickbait article gets it wrong on zoonoses affecting domestic cats

I like the Mail Online because they do have some good cat articles to encourage me to write but this one from the deputy health editor in America, Alexa Lardieri, is irresponsible and should not have been written. The title states that pet cats are a ‘major harborer of deadly diseases’ and that cats …

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“Oregon is rocked by first human case of bubonic plague in nearly a decade after being infected by their pet cat”

Bubonic plague case in Oregon 2024

NEWS AND VIEWS: The Mail Online has a sensationalist headline as per my headline in which they add that “officials rushed to contain virus”. Rare and normally hard to spread It sounds as if Oregan is about to be swamped by a bubonic plague epidemic but it’s not. Bubonic plague is very rare in …

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Footballer regularly kisses multiple dogs on the mouth with plenty of tongue. Safe?

Kissing a dog with plenty of tongue risks transference of a zoonotic disease both ways

Arsenal (UK Premier League team) footballer star Nuno Tavares has multiple dogs. I don’t know how many but he has uploaded videos to social media of him kissing two of his dogs “with plenty of tongue” as reported by the Daily Star. It looks as though he is kissing them passionately on the lips …

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