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Kick Cats and Have Fun — 10 Comments

  1. I researched this a bit and it would seem even the people publicising the game admit there is animal cruelty involved and that although it’s not right they still think the game is fun. It would seem nobody takes virtual violence seriously anymore.

    Personally I hope the idiot who had the stupid idea of making this game drops dead in his sleep. What a total moron. What a cheap way to cash in on cats. I guess he will get alot of bad publicity over it and deserves every bit of it. Personally I think it’s appalling.

    • What a cheap way to cash in on cats

      That is what I think it is too. A version of exploiting cats. It is a cheap exploitation too as it is combination of cheeseburger cats (funny pics with captions) and funny cat videos. The more I think of it the more I dislike it. Apple shouldn’t sell it. I don’t think Apple are doing themselves any good by being associated with this. Companies need to take a more moral stance.

  2. I agree with you Michael Sometimes with these games reality can become blurred. As with any violence thats available for public viewing I just think that violence begets violence (depending on the person/kid). For example I could watch a film about a murder and would give it no more thought yet another person who already had violent tendencies may look to carry out what he/her had seen on the screen.
    I think its the same with this a child with little or no parental control may watch this and think ‘hey this is fun, wonder if it would be better with a real cat?!’ sorry perhaps I’m wrong but I just think its a definite possibility.

  3. I think games like this encourage animal abuse!
    Kids playing it, once the idea is in their heads, might think how much more fun it would be to go out and kick real cats.
    Whoever invents things like this are thoughtless money making morons.

  4. It’s only a game, but it contains offensive ideals. I guess it depends on the kid. I think most parents wouldn’t care one way or the other, and I guess that is an issue all of itself. My nephews would be mad about the game. Their younger sister would think it’s funny. Thankfully nothing like that will be played under this roof.

    • Thanks Dan. I think you are correct. It does depend on the kid. Perhaps some kids who don’t like cats might be tempted into doing the real thing by this game. What do your kids think? Can they leave a comment?

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