Please Leave Foxes Alone

Sorry…no cats at the moment. There are several cat articles coming up. People in England still harass and hunt foxes one way or another.

I say to the people who hunt foxes: look at this video and reevaluate what you do. It is common sense that what you do is cruel, self-indulgent and nasty and stop making stupid excuses about country pursuits and employing people who would lose their job if fox hunting stopped. That is just justifying the unjustifiable. This is a beautiful wild animal enjoying himself. Live and let live, please.

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12 thoughts on “Please Leave Foxes Alone”

  1. It must be awful to live your life in fear always hiding, too scared even to come out for food being scared for your cubs lives. Humans just happen to be lucky enough to be at the top of the food chain; we shouldn’t abuse it 🙁 I hope that in the next life for these hunters that there is someone or something higher up the food chain ready to hunt them down. Now that would be Karma!

  2. Adorable! She’s as playful as any cat entertaining themselves.
    No part of my brain is able to rationalize killing for sport.

  3. What a lovely video, I really enjoyed seeing that little creature play for a few minutes, he enjoyed the trampoline so much that he went back for another go. I can’t understand why anyone would want to kill animals for pleasure when they so obviously enjoy life just as much as we do.

  4. I love this video of the young fox enjoying life as all young creatures have the right to do, animals as well as children, playing and exploring new things, having fun on a trampoline.
    Young animals little know what this world they were born into is really like and how some people can hardly wait to take their life away from them.
    Yes why can’t everyone live and let live, how sadistic hunters must be to kill innocent creatures just because they can 🙁

        • They do just that Marc, they’ve been known to attack hunt sabateurs here, with the whips they use on their poor horses.
          People who hunt are barbaric sadistic low life who don’t want anyone to stand in the way of their fun of taking life just because they can.
          Michael do you know that the ConDems intend to try to overturn the hunting ban in 2014? We will need to fight them to the last on this!

  5. I hunted small birdswith an air-gun in the forests of South India in the 1970’s and today as a wild-life conservationist realize the harm caused to nature by hunting.Rapid urbanization has made forests disappear and along with it most bird and animal species.The forests i hunted birds no longer exist in 2013 and even protected national parks face dangers of poaching, especially the big cats. People interested in “HUNTING” should practice their shooting skills on a shooting range and try becoming “Olympic Shooting champions” rather than hunt or poach on a dwindling wild-life.Its definitely no pleasure to trek and kill a fox in the present era when mankind has various other modes of wild-life entertainment.If an “Adrenalin Junkie” try outdoor sports that are death defying rather than killing a dwindling wild-life stock from forests.

  6. I know there are some peoples in the world that need to hunt to survive. Perhaps there was a time when hunting foxes was necessary, but there just isn’t any justification for it in today’s world. Especially in the civilized UK where a skilled animal removal expert could be called in to remove the beast. To hunt for pleasure is just cruel. Play a hunting video game or something.

    PS: Our nephew’s Jack Chi (Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix) Pedro is here for a visit. He looked at me in total disbelieve and shock for about 2 full minutes before he ran over to me and said hello. It’s nice to have an animal underfoot again.


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