Fox to dog hybrid (dox) discovered in Brazil from a Pampas fox to dog mating

The latest, hot of the press news is that scientists in Brazil have proven that a dog-fox hybrid is possible because they found one! And they say that they’ve proven in through genetic testing. The hybrid dog-fox (sometimes referred to as a ‘dox’) has 76 chromosomes which ‘were a mixture of those found in …

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Fox and domestic cat in dispute over sausage in snow. Fox wins. No injuries.

Fox fights cat over sausage and fox wins

The fox is keener than the cat. He is desparate for the food. The cat gives a slightly weary swipe but eventually gives up. It supports my theory that foxes rarely kill domestic cats. They are too cautious about the domestic cat’s weapons (claw and teeth). They are too equal in capabilities. But it …

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Siberian Cat Plays With Fox

Another slice of Siberian cat life, this time from the Far East.  The cat’s name is “Syoma”. He is an all-white cat with copper eyes and a dense short double coat. His work is to keep the rodent population down around the houses at the entrance to the Kronotsky Nature Reserve on the Kamchatka …

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Please Leave Foxes Alone

Sorry…no cats at the moment. There are several cat articles coming up. People in England still harass and hunt foxes one way or another. I say to the people who hunt foxes: look at this video and reevaluate what you do. It is common sense that what you do is cruel, self-indulgent and nasty …

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