Advice needed please on caring for farm cats

by Lola Sims
(Lawrenceburg, KY)

I had five pregnant cats dropped on me in 2001. I called the shelter and humane center who told me they would pick them up but they would only keep them for 4 days then euthanize them.

I had a choice: kill them, take care of them or box up and relocate. I live on a farm at the end of a road that is very private till now. I chose to spay them as I tamed them. These cats were having babies in the river bank and all over the place. Due to having horses and all other wildlife that needed to be protected, I took them to the vet and tamed them down, 6 at a time, spayed and innoculated etc. I did find out that they were dropped off by the worker of the owner of the person that is now complaining.

Over the years I now have about 28 that can not breed and the feeding alone with other needs has not been cheap. I have not checked into the issue of giving them their shots myself since there still are a few that have to be caged and taken to the vet to put to sleep to get their shots. The ones that can be handled the vet gives when he gives the horses their shots.

If anyone knows the regulations for giving these shots yourself please advise me as it has become quite expensive. I would like to economize. I live in KY (Kentucky).

I have never had neighbors complain about the cats as they stay on my place. I use heat lamps in the during barn winter and fans in summer and feed the morning and afternoon. The ones that have become tame follow me up an easement that is shared with the next door farm property and into a wooded area near my new barn (2008).

The son of this farm owner is building a house back in the wooded area behind my property. He asked me to allow him to hook onto water lines on my property and run the line up a hillside that water runs down with a vengeance. I stated that the trench from the digging would settle and erode resulting in running water over drive and under my house. He did not want to take the responsibility for the line and water damage if it occurred but did not want to pay the man to dig an alternative route which would not cost him if he did it himself (he doesn’t want to do self). Due to my refusal to accept the prospect of water inundating my property from the trench, he has retaliated with spite on the cats.

They don’t like animals at all. They have a history of killing anything: dogs etc. and cats that come onto their property. I fear for my cats due to this retaliation.

There are other issues that I could come back on him with but have not said at this point, like he had no problem pushing trees debris from his excavation of the area for his house into the floodway that the river water goes in when river gets out of banks, or the trash in his gully washing down on me, or paying for his part of the fence line….

These cats have never bothered anyone due to fact that the neighbors don’t feed them as they know they are well taken care of. I fear for the safety of these animals. If they are left alone they will not go onto on their land. However, I do not know what this man will do next as he knows this is the way to get even with me for denying him the right to damage my property since he does not and will not take responsibility of upkeep and as can see doing things for himself instead of having mother pay for the work to be done.

I thought of putting collars on the cats but there are lots of woods in the area and I am afraid they will get hung up on them as they are cats. They do keep mice and snake at bay from my farm as do the coons, etc.

If anyone has any suggestions as to inoculating the cats myself instead of paying a vet, please advise as I want to be within all legal guidelines of doing this. Killing them is not an option. I just never considered inoculating them myself until now. Isolating and confining the animals into a small area is not a solution. They have never wandered away that far but have stayed on my property with the exception of being near my barn.

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Advice needed please on caring for farm cats

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Feb 28, 2012 update on neighbor and cat
by: Lola

My vet has treated my cats and given them their shots for this year.

The viral contaminated air from the neighbor burning plastic, rubber and plastic containers that contained insecticide and fertilizer really made all animals and myself sick for couple weeks. We are still watching for any secondary problems with the dogs that rarely go outside.
the air contaminated was done directly behind my barn and settled in the hallow at my place since I am end of the line and in deep hallow.

The eyes of the cats closest to the contaminated smoke bleed blood; others had allergic reaction of water pouring from eyes. a couple had respiratory reaction ( the 10-12 year olds) Thank God that my new vet who gave them shots knew how to treat them as well as the old horse and the horses that their eyes swelled huge with no water or pus.

He gave me medicine for the eyes, ears and antibiodics, and meds for the allergic reactions and medicine for the old horse with the dihrrea and the swollen eyes and other issues began to clear up when the air cleaned itself and disappeared.

Trying to get something done about this man is impossible–I have never had such a problem as this in 30 some years. Yet even though had prove he burned the items behind my barn with pictures and fire department It is impossible to deal with as it seems that noone really cares about how sick it makes animals or humans as the night he burned one of the nights, I searched for the cause when I went to my barn and my nose bleed from the smoke and smell–I became very ill.
The law protects the criminal is my only conclusion to this issue

Anyway all are healed or healing till next time he burns so will go through the process of calling fire department epa and so on to try to obtain prove that he is the culprit behind the malicious act to harm my animals etc.

BTW these animals do not go on his property, only on my bought easement that Iam the dominant owner and he is the servient but this man HATES animals yet moving to a agricultural area and flexing his land baron attitude.

thanks for listening, at least got it off my chest that someone cares.

Feb 26, 2012 viral introduced air and environment by neighbor
by: Anonymous

There is no making friends with the man.
Where he burned the palstic and rubber items along with the insecticide plastic containers, all my cats had bleeding eyes, running watery eyes and my oldest horse had dihrrea as well as all the horses eyes swelled very large. The vet treated them , gave me med to put in eyes, ears and antibiodics. Horse was treated as well with shots and etc etc etc….very expensive. I have never in 29 years had a horse with dihrea , swollen eyes and / or cats and dogs with running eyes of water etc.

Problem is proving that is what caused the problem. for a court of law.

Next time he burns anything, I am calling the epa to have them test this and stop his malicious actions. He knows better

Feb 02, 2012 Neighbor Problem
by: Anonymous

There is no way making friends with this fellow: it comes to surface, reason for wanting water line at my place irregarless of damage cause, he is planning on building houses on top of hill and he wouldlose approx 60 feet of land with the line up there; he burns plastic and rubber close to barn which caused me tohave tohave vet with animals and medications horse cats dogs eyes even bleed real blood; pushed debris in floodway to block erosion of land where he is building and which wil cause water to rise on my land; erroniously complaining of the cats–none go or were back at his barn but were on my easement; shoots and allows others to shoot across my paddock and at house/barn with high powered rifles; erronously complaining about my fence on my own property etc etc. he is a poor boy who received land free from his mother so he is showing he is in power doesn’t like animals at all yet moving in agriculture land with horses all around and dogs, cats etc. No tried to reason, no good out for himself but I will not NOT tolerate him hurting the animals and/or damaging my property and their lives. There has to be something I can do about him as he is not going to harass, be a nusiance and make my life and the animals lives miserable.

Dec 19, 2011 Barn Cats
by: Kay @ Serenity Farm

Hi Lola, I agree with the other posters about giving shots yourself. I give all of my animals their shot myself and it is much less expensive.
As to the conflict with your neighbor. There are some very strict laws about debris and encroachment into natural drainage pathways. I suggest you contact your county EPA office and request an investigation by the code enforcement officer if the problem can not be settled by reasonable discussion and mediation. As for protecting so many cats who are running wild on your land, I fear I have no easy solution for you as you can not control their traveling across property lines. Sorry I am not more help. Happy Holidays, Kay

Dec 16, 2011 Rabies Vaccine
by: Dee

Even though your state/county may not accept your vaccination records, you can still innoculate your cats just for their safety and your peace of mind while you struggle to get them done “legally”.
I purchase a lot of stuff from this site (, including antibiotics, and they are really cheap. You can give rabies shots to 10 cats for around $18.00. They can’t send this vaccine to many states, but Kentucky (you) and Florida (me) are O.K. Please do keep a log that you can show even though it won’t be accepted by authorities. It will show that you are caring and make effort to protect your cats.
Hope this helps.

Dec 15, 2011 HorseLady76
by: Lola

I contacted the vet in my town and his secretary gave me a listing of 4 cats 141 dollars. She also said tht the vet had given her a rate cheaper and that I would call her tomorrow and see what he said.
I get them cheaper than that from my horse vet so .. there is another vet where some were spayed and shots given for 62 dollars – Woodstock in Lexington. I will contact them as well, they may have a cheaper rate.
I do and would like to know if there is any TNR close to me –I live in anderson county, Lawrenceburg, ky. Pam of Allie Cats is sending me the address info on a TNR at Versailles which is close to me.
The ordinance that I could find was state and stated that the rabies had to be given by a vet or a licensed innoculation person …said I could not give myself, other shots yes.
I am really concerned with the rabies as that is required and I need to make sure that all are taken care of as most are due soon ; with the economy as is I just can’t afford another 1700 dollars but don’t want anything to happen to the cats.
My major concern is the cats. thanks so much for responding so quickly.

Dec 15, 2011 Vaccinating yourself
by: Dee

Many animal sites sell cat and dog vaccines at reasonable prices. I used to be able to vaccinate, and still do to some extent; however, our county ordinances have changed here to read that an owner must be able to show proof of vaccinations that can be registered with the county. The handwritten log I kept didn’t suffice. But, at least, many of my cats were protected from rabies.
So, it would behoove you to find your city/county ordinances regarding animal vaccinations.
The best advise I can offer is to find out if you have a TNR Program in your area and get your cats registered with them so they will be considered a protected colony.
Disgruntled neighbors who make your cats their focus can cause great harm. Aside from the obvious issue that they may actually do the cats physical harm, they can also put you on a collision course with the dreaded animal control. I have MUCH experience with that. Animal Control here has the obligation to respond to all animal complaints and the authority to levy fines to owners that they deem have nuisance animals, unvaccinated (or lapsed vaccinations) animals, free-roaming animals, or are feeding/sheltering feral cats not in a registered TNR Program. They also have the authority to confiscate animals.
I think that any retaliation toward your neighbor will only make matters worse. And, please see if you have a TNR Program so no one can harm or take your cats.

Dec 15, 2011 Home Cat Vaccination
by: Riverside Robyn

I found this while Googling the above title:

Vaccinate Your Cat at Home

Looking to vaccinate your cat at home? Our veterinarians have compiled the … 1-800-381-7179 Your Account Track Your Order Home … Pet Meds & Vaccines » …

The webpage is an excellent summary of various vaccinations and where they are administered. If you look on the menu on the lefthand side, click on Vaccinations. There you can purchase vaccinations at a reasonable price. I looked at the feline leukemnia vaccination, and it was priced 10 doses for $73.

As to your neighbor, it may pay in the long run to make friends of him and his partner, but I realize this can be hard. Sounds like he is violating EPA wetlands laws by dumping trash and carelessly excavating his lot. In California, you will be fined for any mud running off your property from careless excavation. And trash is a whole other set of problems. How are the animal abuse statutes in your county?

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