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Are Cats Social or Solitary Animals? — 6 Comments

  1. Very interesting article Danielle and I love the photo of Nellie and Peeps.
    I agree with everyone else who says it’s the cats purr-sonality which decides if he/she is social or solitary.

  2. Having owned both dogs and cats as pets i personally feel that cats are more attached to humans as a source of providing them food while dogs are permanently attached to a human owner, even if mistreated.Of course, there are a few exceptions to the stereotype and some cats are as attatched to their human owners as are dogs.A cat is more of an independent animal which loves solitary living unlike a dog which is a pack animal by nature and hence considers its human owner the “Alpha leader”.

  3. The programme was The Secret Life of Cats. Like both of you I think it depends on the situation and the individual cat. The feral colony I go to feed with Marion on a Sunday has both, there are cats there who are very social with one another, and ones who just hang round the outskirts of them.

    • You’re right. It is a mixture of the situation: food, space etc. and the cat’s personality (outgoing or shy) and gender.

      But generally speaking the domestic cat has become sociable. It evolved over the 9,500 years of domestication.

    • I agree – I mean I think they are totally social. Of course just as with humans, cats are all different and that can be by quite alot – there are for sure cats who are antisocial…. but most I have met are social with other cats and alot of those are also social with humans. I think there are many people out there, perhaps more dog people, or just people in general who just don’t ‘get’ cats and therefore conclude that they are not social. They don’t know how to communicate or be with cats. Especially for dog – centric people who are used to the ease with which you socialize with a dog – they just can’t see it that cats are very social. You can be alot more passive about it all with a dog and the dog will still be your friend whereas a cat is more like a human in the sense that you are not automatically friends.

      To all the people who think all cats are antisocial – humans are the same. They are independant and you spend time ‘getting to know’ them. There will always be opposing examples but I’d say it’s pretty much that simple.

  4. Thank you Danielle for another excellent article. For me the domestic cat is potentially sociable depending on the personality of the individual cat, which is what you are saying.

    The degree of sociability also depends on the food source. Where there is food a cat is more likely to be sociable as there will be other cats at that place and they have to get on to survive.

    The domestic cat has accepted the possibility of sociability whereas in the past, as a wild cat species, before domestication, this cat was solitary.

    You could say the modern domestic cat is a sociable animal (the default position) subject to the individual.

    Nice picture of Nellie and Peeps. I like to see different species getting along.

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