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Cat Personality Types — 10 Comments

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  3. Dont declaw. Its not a teddy bear, its a cat. This comes from someone who lets her kitty sleep in her bed with her and sometimes gets the odd scratched ankle. Clip the claws or hand her to a no kill shelter. What kind of people are you that want to control everything? Cats aren’t perfect. I live with 3, one scratches the carpet, one bites, and one pees. I dont just put up with it, but I know there is a possibility that you can train them if you can understand why they do what they do, stress causes people to wig out as well and its always better to analyse and treat stress. Would you cut a man’s hand off if he hit another man?

    • I just posted a story about my 20+ tiny rescued kitty. I have had several rescued kitties in my lifetime. They have all damaged furniture, etc. with their claws. My 20 year Katy Kat had front paws declawed. My vet did not declaw in his early practice. I discussed declawing with my trust worthy vet. He said after researching declawing, that it did not appear to do any harm.

      • Hi, Where did you post your story? I strongly disagree on moral grounds declawing cats. It is legalized cat abuse as far as I am concerned.

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  5. I have welcomed a new kitten in my home. He was tiny when he arrived. But, when he my very large male tuxedo. That little guy puffed up arched his back and raised one paw. He is not afraid of anything. His sister lives wit freoinds and she is the same way. My guy was very aggressive toward my big guy that big guy would hide from. He would also attack my hand full claws and teeth. My two guys wrestle around but little one does not put out his claws at all. Even thou big guy can pin him down with no problems. Both the little ones are very strong and agile with there paws. The female stashes candy. She will steal it from the dish and hide it in her special stash. My boy is verily aloof except when he i sleepie. Then he will climb up and rub on me like he’s so in love and wants to neck with me. He loves kisses. I have had many cats. All of u are right they r individuals each and every one. We see it so much more than vets because we love them vets only make there money off them.
    Can anyone tell me if these strange little ways r a sigh of a certain breed. They are both white and gray. She is beautiful looks like she was painted with a powder puff. He has stronger stripe almost brindle like o rear legs. Big paws. I’ve never had a cat like him before. So different. He is also very smart. Easily learned the ropes. Good Cat hope some can help solve the mystery. Thanks jana

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