Are Maine Coons dangerous?

Massive muzzle on Maine Coon
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Massive muzzle on Maine Coon. Photo: Pinterest.

Maine Coons are positively not dangerous; quite the opposite. I have asked this strange question in the title because Google tells me that people search the internet for information on this topic. The idea that they might be dangerous and hence the question is probably because they are the largest domestic cat breed. Their size might intimidate some people and they can have a slightly wild appearance with shaggy fur. They can be enormous as the pictures on this page testify. That said, people are attracted to large domestic cats and therefore there is this dichotomy.

Huge Maine Coon

Huge Maine Coon. Picture in the public domain.

Maine Coons are just like any other well socialised domestic cat. They are very friendly and lovable. There is no reason to believe that they can be aggressive or dangerous. It’s all about socialisation and all Maine Coon breeders will make sure that their cats for sale are well socialised.

I think you’ll find that the experts of the cat fancy would agree that Maine Coons are relaxed and easy-going. They normally get along well with dogs and children as well as other cats although whether they do or not will be because of a combination of an individual personality trait and and how well they are socialised to other animals.

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They don’t constantly demand attention but do not necessarily want to be held. This thought comes from Gloria Stephens in her book “Legacy of the Cat“. That is an interesting thought. Gloria is making quite a big statement. If a domestic cat does not like to be held it is an important character trait. I must say that I’m not sure that I believe Gloria but will bow to her superior knowledge.

Picture of monster Maine Coon

Monster Maine Coon –Photo: Pinterest

It is said that they develop a strong attachment to their female owners and become recalcitrant when their “female” owner is away. It is interesting also that she refers to “female” owner. Do Maine Coons have a particular affection towards women? I think not. I believe that she is referring to her personal experiences in living with a Maine Coon. This most popular cat breed originated from 19th century semi-feral farm cats. The winner of America’s first cat show was a Maine Coon.

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