Maine Coon is described as a ‘natural breed’ but is it?

'Natural breed' is an oxymoron

You see it often: cat show judges and even Wikipedia describing the Maine Coon cat as a “natural breed”. In fact, Wikipedia opens up with the statement that the Maine Coon cat is “one of the oldest natural breeds in North America”. It seems to me that the phrase “natural breed” is an oxymoron, …

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Did the Vikings bring the first domestic cats to North America?

Vikings brought the cat to North America?

There’s been quite a lot of discussion about the first domestic cats in America. We are sure that early Americans, around 10,000 years ago, did not domesticate a wild cat species and thereby create the first domestic cat. That happened in and around what is now Syria with the North African wildcat. So, the …

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Maine Coons are non-native to the USA. Discuss.

Mr and Mrs Maine and kitten plus Ms Human who looks after them

I have noticed that some Maine Coon breeders say that the Maine Coon is native to America. And the UK’s Premier cat Association, GCCF, says the same thing. If you believe in the scientific concept of non-native species, they are incorrect. A native species is one which completely originates in the place where that …

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Where is the Maine Coon cat from?

Early Maine Cat

It depends how far back into history you want to go. The important point is that the Maine Coon, or any other domestic cat in the North America, did not evolve from a small wild cat species in North America. Therefore, all domestic cats in the USA are imported, non-native animals which irritates cat …

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Maine Wave – Rexed Maine Coon Cat

Rexed Maine Coon

The Maine Wave, a rexed Maine Coon cat, never became a recognised cat breed. FYI – ‘rexed’ means having a curly or wavy-haired coat. The history of the Maine Wave is rather patchy and unfortunate. With more luck and some common sense, it could have been a successful cat breed. The first The curly …

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Are Maine Coons dangerous?

Massive muzzle on Maine Coon

Maine Coons are positively not dangerous; quite the opposite. I have asked this strange question in the title because Google tells me that people search the internet for information on this topic. The idea that they might be dangerous and hence the question is probably because they are the largest domestic cat breed. Their …

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