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Asian woman tortures and kills her cat in washing machine and uploads picture on Instagram (Video) — 56 Comments

  1. Why are the cats eyes glowing like that in some parts in the beginning with the eyes like that it looks almost mechanical like it’s not the real cat. Could this be a faked video? Still very sick to say the least


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  3. I watched the video. I felt sick afterwards. I still feel sick now. How she could edit it and put it to music… Its unfathomable to me. The graphics.. I feel sick to my stomach.
    Even if a person doesn’t like animals to take pleasure in their torture in this way is psychopathic. This goes beyond hunting and killing, animals killed for meat can be killed mercifully and quickly. I’m a vegetarian but I do understand hunting. This isn’t hunting its torture and its so heartbreaking. The woman should be locked up before causing harm to anyone else.
    Thank you for the good work you do for animals

      • What the fuck is wrong with u, people like u goes to hell i hope Someone stabs u with a knife to head and burns u alive😊

      • Actually, you are heading to hell. Because you don’t believe in it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Hell is eternal separation from the godhead, beyond anyone’s perception of how bad it is. Just as Heaven is impossible to understand. As Paul said, “Now we see through a glass darkly, but then, face to face.”
        The fact you would consider torturing one of God’s creation has doomed you. Sorry not sorry. 🤷

        • Exactly. God sees everything. Thank you Carol. I will spread awareness on Twitter. I already know how so-me (anti-social media) converts people into lunatics, its apparent in modern youth, smartphone zombies and raw aggressiveness towards parents. But remember, God knows everything, and everyone will meet our Saviour after this life, and get judged accordingly.

    • To lock up a human being for taking the life of an animal is insanity. It’s just an animal and an animal’s life is worthless. That’s why we eat them.. I think those calling for humans to be locked up over a cat are mentally disturbed

  4. I saw and commented on this three years ago (but did not watch the video). Was the monster ever found? Was anything done?

  5. What a horrible creature she is (I refuse to call her human), no matter how ‘beautiful’ she might be on the outside, she showed how truly ugly she is on the inside by doing what she did.

      • You are not a therapist, I would say those who put humans on the same level as a pet are the ones who are disturbed with mental health issues and I maybe slightly more qualified than you to make this judgment since I am a licensed psychologist 🤫

      • For me this pretty ‘plastic’ woman is a mad psycho and she should be caught and severely punished but…she won’t. For all I know she has done the same thing again. Thanks for commenting.

  6. I agree why are hackers wasting time on this race baiting sh*t when they need to be using their skill set to hack these c*nts bank accounts and take everything then distribute it to animals shelters literally wipe the f*ckers clean. Go put them i to debt etc. So she has to be an IADS infested whore begging for a dollar until someone pays to have herin a snudf film.

  7. “She is the devil incarnate. This is the work of the devil but when Instagram were notified they refused to act.”

    I would like to point out that it is a rule in LaVeyan Satanism to not harm animals and small children, and so this woman is worse than Satan. One who kills without reason is one who deserves to be killed themselves. It is akin to harming the innocent, which is unnacceptable and immoral.

  8. This brings to mind the terrible irony of China being classified as among the greatest civilisations. This depraved slut does not deserve to be classed as civilised. Buddhism deeply frowns upon animal abuse, and it that religion abounds in the country, yet animal welfare laws seem so insufficient in this country. May karma have a terrible fate in store for this sadistic and law-dodging whore.

    • Yes, I understand. I wrote it because the guy who reported it to me wanted something to happen. He’d complained to Instagram and nothing was done. It is nice that he came to PoC for action. I have reported it to the SPCA in Hong Kong! I pray they investigate it and pass it on to the police in China but I fear that the woman has not committed a crime in China which if true is sick and sad.

  9. I went back and read some of the instagram posts I missed one thing stood out was the phrase it’s my cat and I’ll do what I want to it. ( not exact but I don’t want to see that again) This is the exact same thing my sorry poor excuse for human MIL/FIL said when I called animal control on them for starving horses. In fact it’s how they see all animals including their demented daughter who is not teaching the same thinking to her litter of kids. The trouble is most of us simply don’t think and can’t think on this primitive level.
    We see ourselves as our cats guardians not owners and are committed to giving them a safe secure life. The woman who committed this atrocity isn’t even human. Let’s hope she can’t breed.

    • She demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of animal welfare. I will guess and say that she has been trained in effect (indoctrinated) to think like this because where she lives cats are brutally killed and eaten. And there is no concept of animal welfare in China. Although there are more enlightened people there who are animal rescuers showing a gradual change in attitude. She’s psychopathic in terms of animal welfare.

    • Quite a lot of people including sport hunters have the same attitude. It is the human curse of arrogance combined with ignorance.

    • Thanks Denise. This link points to the SPCA in Hong Kong and they are meant to be autonomous although now a part of China. I’ll try and see what happens. But I don’t have much hope.

    • In case you missed it, I did report her to Hong Kong SPCA and they reported her to a contact in China. Something might happen.

  10. I could not watch the video. The pictures are bad enough. Sending blessings for this poor kitty. I wish there was a way to prosecute this insane person. I am appalled at the total disregard that Instagram showed for the welfare of this poor kitty soul. Why on earth did that woman do this?

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