Asian woman tortures and kills her cat in washing machine and uploads picture on Instagram (Video)

WARNING: THERE IS A LINK TO A VIDEO OF HER CAT IN A RUNNING WASHING MACHINE ON THIS PAGE. Don’t play it if you think it will harm you. I have decided to present it (on a separate page where there are no ads) as it forms the main body of evidence against this woman who has committed a gross crime of animal cruelty which would attract a long prison sentence in most jurisdictions. It is macabre because it starts off with this criminal, a pretty Asian woman, gazing into her cat’s eyes lovingly. This woman needs to be apprehended and questioned and possibly charged and prosecuted. Please therefore pursue this objective.

Note: there seems to be some visitors who are trying access the video direct but they are not succeeding. The only way to see it is by clicking on the link below, half way down the page. Thanks. The reason why the video is off this website’s server is because the hosting company insists on it and there can be no adverts on the page where the video is shown. It is that bad and in the modern woke world these sorts of videos are a no no.


Narcissistic Asian woman
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Narcissistic Asian woman

SUMMARY: A young, pretty, attention seeking Asian woman (above) obsessed with with the size of her breasts and in presenting herself on Instagram in semi-pornographic poses tortured and killed her cat in her washing machine. It happened a few days ago. She filmed the whole horrific process for her gratification. She is the devil incarnate. This is the work of the devil but when Instagram were notified, they refused to act.

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The woman who is believed to be Chinese and whose real name we don’t have, briefly presented a screenshot of her pretty, white cat dying in her washing machine on Instagram. Her followers were outraged. It’s heartbreaking, not just the physical pain, but the trust this poor creature had in her as her owner, and then this betrayal. The reaction to the screenshot by other users of Instagram was understandably complete disgust. She pushed back and ignored the criticisms by telling them to f*** off. It is sickening behavior from both this narcissistic woman and then Instagram by failing to act.


Instagram was made aware of this woman’s crime, a clear crime by Western standards and the standards of almost all jurisdictions on the planet but failed to take action against the woman. Instagram simply brushed the matter under the carpet by passing the buck to the complainant asking him to contact the website where the video can be seen.

The problem it seems is at least partly this: the woman lives in the south of China in a place where they eat lots of cats. She is in a place which is arguably the cat meat capital of the world and where many people have a complete disdain for animal welfare. There are no animal welfare laws, there is no protection for animals which allows them to treat animals anyway they wish (often very badly). She was tracked down through her IP computer address to Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. A screenshot of her IP address and map location are presented below.

Asian woman tortures and kills her cat in her washing machine

The woman’s IP address placed her location as the south of China and a city where they are known to love cat meat

Note: I have contacted the SPCA in Hong Kong about this to see if they can do something although unlikely.

Update: They responded with this email:

Thank you for your message reporting a suspected cruelty incident to us. We have visited the website you referred to and as you mentioned the incident might have happened in China. Unlike Hong Kong, there is no legislation on animal cruelty in China that we from here cannot take any legal action against the alleged person.

We however have forwarded your message to our colleague, Darren, in China who is based in Shenzhen, Southern China and is copied in with this message. Darren has conducted massive educational activities in China to raise the awareness of animal welfare of the general public. If we have further information about this incident, we will inform you accordingly.

Thanks again for bringing the matter to our attention.


The person who made the complaint to Instagram about this woman is a guy called MIKE. Below is what he wrote in emails to me. It describes his efforts to get Instagram to act against this person; to try and get her arrested and prosecuted. He also presents links to this woman’s Instagram page and the video.


She was using the username “0bcd0_”, the switched it to “cool666w” maybe 24 hours after. Then it went private for a while. Now her profile is nowhere to be found, however here is an archive from instarix, you can see she has other posts which violate Instagram as well. (Both links lead to same account) Very deranged.

  • – this link no longer works
  •  – this link no longer works

Finally the video. I’m not sure if it’s even legal to possess this sort of thing. It’s terrible….


FINALLY THE 3rd IMAGE (there were 2 more but one has gone missing for some inexplicable reason).


Some further words from Mike summarising this dreadful story:

“Are you aware of a seemingly mentally disturbed Asian Instagram attention seeker (with 11K followers) putting her cat in a washing machine and filming it as it slowly died? She briefly posted it on Instagram and later made posts taunting her followers after most of them reacted with disgust, such as a post with her middle finger that I’ve attached. (I won’t attach any of the more graphic material unless requested)

I have the video of the crime and a post she made on Instagram and later deleted with the cat in the washing machine. It’s a horrific stuff. Really, really bad. You can’t unsee it.

I’ve been in contact with Instagram. Their initial response was absolutely pathetic. They told me that the content was not presently on their site and if I’m disturbed by it to contact the site it was posted on. This was in reference to the video, which wasn’t on Instagram at the time I e-mailed them, but someone mirrored it on another site which I gave Instagram the link to assist in what I thought would be an investigation. Obviously, my complaint to Instagram was with the intent of them helping the authorities bring this psychopath to justice, not simply about content being offensive to me.

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I responded to Instagram’s reply to me more than 24 hours ago by sending more evidence and giving them a 24-hour ultimatum to indicate to me that they are taking proper steps, i.e. contacting the authorities in the country the psycho is making her posts from and providing them with everything they need to press charges. The 24 hours is up and I haven’t heard back from them. They didn’t even suspend her account. I’ve received no indication they’ve done anything at all.

I think this needs to go public. And I think Instagram needs to be shamed for their apathy over this matter. Had they acted sooner, the apprehension of this monster had a higher probability than now. Instead, she’s now hidden her profile, changed her username multiple times, and who knows what other precautions as she knows there is a small community of hackers working against her. Yesterday the hackers even figured out her IP, unfortunately it’s in China and she has since changed it.”

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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58 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    That woman deserves more pain than the cat,that woman deserves eternity in hell

  2. Anonymous says:

    peaple say psychopaths starts with turchering animals.
    she is a psychopath

  3. Scarlet says:

    Why are the cats eyes glowing like that in some parts in the beginning with the eyes like that it looks almost mechanical like it’s not the real cat. Could this be a faked video? Still very sick to say the least

    • I don’t think it is fake. Cat’s eyes glow when light shines directly into them at 90 degrees as the light reflects of the tapetum lucidum behind the retina.

    • Raquel Cueva says:


  4. Me says:

    Chinese woman tenderizes cat before taking it to Chinese Restaurant.

  5. Kate knight says:

    I watched the video. I felt sick afterwards. I still feel sick now. How she could edit it and put it to music… Its unfathomable to me. The graphics.. I feel sick to my stomach.
    Even if a person doesn’t like animals to take pleasure in their torture in this way is psychopathic. This goes beyond hunting and killing, animals killed for meat can be killed mercifully and quickly. I’m a vegetarian but I do understand hunting. This isn’t hunting its torture and its so heartbreaking. The woman should be locked up before causing harm to anyone else.
    Thank you for the good work you do for animals

    • Tina says:

      Haha! I think it’s so cool. I might try it on my cat.’ She needs a bath anyway??

      • U bastard says:

        What the fuck is wrong with u, people like u goes to hell i hope Someone stabs u with a knife to head and burns u alive?

      • Anonymous says:

        what the actual fuck.

        what the fuck has society gone to…

      • Carol Brandt says:

        Actually, you are heading to hell. Because you don’t believe in it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Hell is eternal separation from the godhead, beyond anyone’s perception of how bad it is. Just as Heaven is impossible to understand. As Paul said, “Now we see through a glass darkly, but then, face to face.”
        The fact you would consider torturing one of God’s creation has doomed you. Sorry not sorry. ?

        • Henry says:

          Exactly. God sees everything. Thank you Carol. I will spread awareness on Twitter. I already know how so-me (anti-social media) converts people into lunatics, its apparent in modern youth, smartphone zombies and raw aggressiveness towards parents. But remember, God knows everything, and everyone will meet our Saviour after this life, and get judged accordingly.

    • Joseph says:

      To lock up a human being for taking the life of an animal is insanity. It’s just an animal and an animal’s life is worthless. That’s why we eat them.. I think those calling for humans to be locked up over a cat are mentally disturbed

      • Carol Brandt says:

        By far the worst part is the torture. It’s like the monsters in the China and southeast Asia dog and cat meat trade have a ridiculous belief that torturing the animal makes it taste better. Backward, Savage.

  6. Carol Brandt says:

    I saw and commented on this three years ago (but did not watch the video). Was the monster ever found? Was anything done?

  7. Alan C. says:

    What a horrible creature she is (I refuse to call her human), no matter how ‘beautiful’ she might be on the outside, she showed how truly ugly she is on the inside by doing what she did.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Yes, agreed. She behaves as if she is slightly mad actually. A personality disorder and a dangerous one.

      • Joseph says:

        You are not a therapist, I would say those who put humans on the same level as a pet are the ones who are disturbed with mental health issues and I maybe slightly more qualified than you to make this judgment since I am a licensed psychologist ?

    • Disgusting CN hookers says:

      Wanna bet all that ‘beauty’ is plastic?

      • For me this pretty ‘plastic’ woman is a mad psycho and she should be caught and severely punished but…she won’t. For all I know she has done the same thing again. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Michael Broad says:

    Thanks Peter S. Appreciated.

  9. Chris says:

    Videos like that will leave a scar on anyone and I was just desperate to do something about it

  10. Chris says:

    I saw the vid a few days ago (on another site with other animal torture vids) and reported it to PETA.

  11. Sookie says:

    I agree why are hackers wasting time on this race baiting sh*t when they need to be using their skill set to hack these c*nts bank accounts and take everything then distribute it to animals shelters literally wipe the f*ckers clean. Go put them i to debt etc. So she has to be an IADS infested whore begging for a dollar until someone pays to have herin a snudf film.

  12. Carol Brandt says:

    It seems that the hackers could keep on her tail and make her life miserable. Get into her accounts, disrupt everything.

  13. Dean says:

    “She is the devil incarnate. This is the work of the devil but when Instagram were notified they refused to act.”

    I would like to point out that it is a rule in LaVeyan Satanism to not harm animals and small children, and so this woman is worse than Satan. One who kills without reason is one who deserves to be killed themselves. It is akin to harming the innocent, which is unnacceptable and immoral.

  14. atlas says:

    Is this the same girl?


  15. Rosemary Hackney says:

    The Paschats do not forget. They will repay.

  16. James Herdianto says:

    This brings to mind the terrible irony of China being classified as among the greatest civilisations. This depraved slut does not deserve to be classed as civilised. Buddhism deeply frowns upon animal abuse, and it that religion abounds in the country, yet animal welfare laws seem so insufficient in this country. May karma have a terrible fate in store for this sadistic and law-dodging whore.

    • Michael Broad says:

      My sentiments completely. China is sickeningly backward on animal welfare. The country as a whole needs to be stopped. They are singlehandedly causing the extinction of the elephant (ivory) and tiger (body parts) in the wild to name two iconic species.

  17. Dee (Florida) says:

    I can’t even make myself read this. I have zero understanding for something so insane and zero tolerance.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Yes, I understand. I wrote it because the guy who reported it to me wanted something to happen. He’d complained to Instagram and nothing was done. It is nice that he came to PoC for action. I have reported it to the SPCA in Hong Kong! I pray they investigate it and pass it on to the police in China but I fear that the woman has not committed a crime in China which if true is sick and sad.

  18. M. E. King says:

    I went back and read some of the instagram posts I missed one thing stood out was the phrase it’s my cat and I’ll do what I want to it. ( not exact but I don’t want to see that again) This is the exact same thing my sorry poor excuse for human MIL/FIL said when I called animal control on them for starving horses. In fact it’s how they see all animals including their demented daughter who is not teaching the same thinking to her litter of kids. The trouble is most of us simply don’t think and can’t think on this primitive level.
    We see ourselves as our cats guardians not owners and are committed to giving them a safe secure life. The woman who committed this atrocity isn’t even human. Let’s hope she can’t breed.

    • Michael Broad says:

      She demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of animal welfare. I will guess and say that she has been trained in effect (indoctrinated) to think like this because where she lives cats are brutally killed and eaten. And there is no concept of animal welfare in China. Although there are more enlightened people there who are animal rescuers showing a gradual change in attitude. She’s psychopathic in terms of animal welfare.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Quite a lot of people including sport hunters have the same attitude. It is the human curse of arrogance combined with ignorance.

  19. M. E. King says:

    She should be put in a commercial washer and have it turned on. I’d buy a front row ticket.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Thanks Denise. This link points to the SPCA in Hong Kong and they are meant to be autonomous although now a part of China. I’ll try and see what happens. But I don’t have much hope.

    • Michael Broad says:

      In case you missed it, I did report her to Hong Kong SPCA and they reported her to a contact in China. Something might happen.

  20. Frances A Danna says:

    I could not watch the video. The pictures are bad enough. Sending blessings for this poor kitty. I wish there was a way to prosecute this insane person. I am appalled at the total disregard that Instagram showed for the welfare of this poor kitty soul. Why on earth did that woman do this?

  1. June 8, 2021

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