Bookstore Cat Died Days After The Store Closed

Casper, a much loved bookstore cat died days after the store closed. The Facebook page of ‘The Bookworm’ announced 20 hours ago that ‘Casper passed away yesterday afternoon’.

Bookstore Cat Died Days After The Store Closed
Photos: Facebook page of The Bookworm.
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Casper walked from the parking lot into the lives of the owners of the book store, Carl and Kelly Rexroad, when he was six weeks old. He remained until he was 16. The store closed last Saturday we are told by The Southern Illinosian.

Casper was loved by the customers; adults and children alike.

“He was the star and heart of The Bookworm for over 15 years”.

Carl and Kelly must have done a great job in cat caretaking as Casper had diabetes for the last 7 years of his life. That would have demanded daily treatments. There was plenty of love in the relationship.

As Carl and Kelly said, he lived a long and full life. I’d say it was also a very useful life full of nice experiences. There is something particularly nice about a bookstore cat because they go together like apple pie and custard and they are tax deductible!

Casper was a random bred cat but he had an interesting coat as he looks like he had a bit of Siamese flame (red), tabby pointing. He had some Siamese in him, I reckon.

Bookstore Cat Died Days After The Store Closed
Casper snoozing in store. Photo: The Bookworm on Facebook.

The owners and the cat had such a wonderfully symbiotic relationship; both benefited tremendously.

An author, Richard Sitler, who did a book signing at the store said:

“Aww. He kept me company during my book signing.”

Marie Blankenship said:

“His job was done, the store was gone, he will be greatly missed. He had served the mission God placed him here to do, and it was to give love to all who entered the store.”

Bookstore Cat Died Days After The Store Closed
Closing sign for The Bookworm. Photo: their Facebook page.


RIP Casper. As Casper the bookstore cat died days after the store closed it makes you wonder about the timing. Do you think he thought his job was done when the store closed and that he was ready to go over the rainbow bridge?

The Bookworm was in Carbondale, a city in Jackson County, Illinois, United States.

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1 thought on “Bookstore Cat Died Days After The Store Closed”

  1. What touching account of Casper’s life and work. I wonder if the vast hustle and bustle that goes along with closing down a book shop was simply too much for his dear old body?

    Run free Casper, catch many mousies x

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