Cachemire Du Taj Mahal

Cachemire Du Taj Mahal

by Jacqui

Arlequin White & Blue

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Arlequin White & Blue

Best pet I ever had. He actually comes when I call him, or he will tap me with his paw when he wants me to pet him.

I bought him from a breeder, very expensive his parents were champions.

I recommend a Persian especially if you feel lonely at times!


Hi Jacqui... thanks for visiting and showing us such a fantastic and interesting looking Persian cat.

He has top quality purebred cat written all over him.

If you have some more photos and would like to have them published here, just email me.

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Cachemire Du Taj Mahal to Persian Cats

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Cachemire Du Taj Mahal

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Jun 17, 2010 Cachemire Du Taj Mahal
by: Maggie Sharp

A very beautiful cat! I love his ear tufts!!!

I saw a Persian just like him at a rescue centre once... He was so beautiful, I wanted to take him home!

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