Cat brings chained dog food

This is a story told in a picture. I don’t have more information. It is charming and I believe that it is probably true but I can’t vouch for it. The picture of the cat and dog is posted on the website. I’ve turned it into an infographic image as it is very suitable for that form of publication. It is not that rare for cats to help dogs and vice versa. It is also cruel to chain dogs all their lives. Terribly cruel actually. It is done by people who are insensitive to the sentience of animals. It is the way they were raised, I guess. They don’t know better. It all comes down to education at the end of the day.

In some states of America permanently chaining dogs like this is banned. It is banned in the UK and it would be illegal to do this in the UK under more than one animal welfare law, the primary one being the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

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Any country with decent animal welfare laws that are properly enforced would not permit permanently chained dogs. Although most countries have animals welfare laws which would make dog chaining illegal, they do not enforce their laws with enough commitment and so it happens.

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