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Cat Dressage: Is This a New Trend for Kitty-loving Horse Enthusiasts? — 13 Comments

  1. I have tried agility with my cats, but they are so easily distracted (Look, a squirrel, hahameow). But I so admire cats and their handlers/owners that have diligently worked to achieve success.

    And that video, I still feel that cat has a neurological problem and should not be promoting cat dressage at all…

  2. I don’t know about agility for cats, but the kitty in this video prances like a Walking Horse. I really enjoyed watching it. Puts a smile on my face.

  3. Interesting article and posts. I’ve seen this video several times and thought it was pretty silly, actually — and I wonder what it is about this society that compels so many people to want to change everything natural. Why can’t people appreciate cats for their innate beauty, grace, agility and catly qualities, I wonder? But some of the posts point out that “training” might increase some cats’ chances of finding loving, forever homes and staying in them — and that is everything I dream of and want.

  4. My cats would only participate in Feline Dressage in a supervisory capacity, because they are older cats and move in a more stately and sedate fashion unless they are participating in The International Cat Races, when they are all kinds of silly all over the place. They hasten to add that they are ALL in favor of feline MASsage.

  5. Hi Natalie,

    What an adorable story. I loved the photos. Thanks for adding that link!

    I agree with you in hoping that no cats will be abused, but from what I am reading, so far everthing seems totally fine.

    Cat Fancier’s Association really is into the Cat Agility training, since it does provide kitties with a lot of mental and physical stimulation, and the cats seem to be enjoying it a LOT. Cats, in my experience, won’t do things if they don’t want to- but from all I am reading and the discussions I have had with cat guardians who are involved in the sport- report that their cats really are enjoying the activity:)

  6. Haha, that’s funny – the cat dressage 🙂 (I do hope no cat will be abused! 😉

    I also find that horse owners have cats (or cat owners have horses 🙂 We have a lovely pair in Australia – Morris and Champy. A lovely relationship (http://ozzicat.com.au/ozzi-cats/unusual-friendship-black-rescue-cat-morris-rides-a-horse-in-nsw/)

    Some horse owners say that you should be careful as not all horses are positive towards cats and the cat can get injured.


  7. That’s so cute!, I didn’t know Joe you liked Horses as well. Rebel used to walk like he was walking quickly. Used to call him dainty. My younger sister had a horse when she was 15, i couldn’t handle it. Cute video though

  8. This is an interesting topic. For me the debate is whether it is OK to train a cat to participate in agility shows or whatever they are.

    Some people won’t like it but I do because it is stimulating. It is both good for a cat’s mind (a mental challenge) and body (physical exercise). The domestic cat in general does not get enough of either of these.

    The downside for agility shows is that a cat has to travel and most don’t like that and be with other cats in noisy places.

    I do believe though that cat owners need to do more to encourage cats to do more.

    • I agree Michael. . .Agility “shows” would be good for kitties, and most people don’t think cats can be trained — well, they are wrong!!! Cats are quite trainable — if one has the patience and time to do so.

      On the brighter side, I just rescued another cat tonight. . .I am now back up to 12 — all adopted or rescued. . .

        • I know I can’t take more than this though, and be able to take care of them properly. So I am done as far as any for me, but I will continue to share and crosspost, and help folks out here locally as I can. . . <3 <3

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