Video tells you why ‘pet’ caracals are not pets at all

This pet caracal is far too defensively aggressive to be a successful companion and therefore cannot be called a pet in the true sense.

So, you’ve thought about buying an exotic pet cat as you are fascinated by the wild cats. The phrase ‘exotic pet’ includes pet wild cats. Actually ‘pet wild cat’ is an oxymoron as wild cats do not make pets as this video shows. A pet is a domesticated animal that is kept primarily for …

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Why are cats digitigrade?

Cats are digitigrades as they walk on their toes as is beautifully illustrated in this picture of a Siamese cat

All cats are digitigrade; that is, they walk on their toes. You probably know this. Incidentally, they walk with a direct register gait which means that the paw prints made by the forelegs are occupied by the paw prints made by the hind legs as the cat walks forwards. The distal phalange (phalanx) of …

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Domestic cat literally runs up the underside of a staircase

Domestic cat literally runs upside down

In another example of the wonderful strength and athleticism of the domestic cat, this superb individual literally runs up the underside of a staircase. He is running upside down as if he is running on the floor and I find it amazing. It isn’t as if he is simply walking and climbing up the …

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Unconcerned domestic cat leaps off balcony 12 feet up onto sidewalk to chase a cat

Nugget leaps from 12 feet onto a hard surface

Nugget, a domestic cat, was on a balcony attached to what looks like a first-floor apartment in a condo. I am guessing the height. Anyway, it looks too high for a cat to safely jump from especially as it is onto a pavement (sidewalk) and therefore a hard surface. But he is compelled to …

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Watch a cat do somersaults to order and entertain yourself

Cat does somersaults to order

The Internet has fallen in love with an adorable cat who does somersaults to order. I think their name is Mischo. I don’t think this happened because of deliberate training but, rather, informal self-imposed training for the cat’s entertainment and to entertain her human caregiver. The caregiver encouraged it through rewards. There is also …

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Would the house cat get a medal in the Olympics 100m?

Domestic cat is faster than humans and faster than Usain Bolt

We can’t be absolutely precise but the standard house cat would make the Olympic final and probably get a medal, even a gold. It would be about keeping her on track! And not making a false start! The best moggies can run at around 30 mph (48 kmph). Let’s be conservative and say a …

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