Cat Killed in Intense Protracted Fight between Man and Woman

This is how an intense and protracted fight between Scott Elam, 29, and Ashley Smith, 26 unfolded resulting in the death of a cat. I have deliberately written it in a compressed style to enhance the intensity of the fight between the two.

On March 24 Elam and Smith argue in her apartment. Smith slaps Elam. Elam grabs Smith by her face. Elam pushes Smith onto the bed. Elam places his hand over her mouth and nose to stop her breathing. Elam leaves the bedroom. He kicks the cat. He picks up the cat and chokes it. The cat urinates on Elam. Elam changes his pants. Elam picks up cat and carries it outside to a nearby creek. Elam throws the cat into the creek. The cat climbs out of the creek. Elam kicks the cat back into the creek. Elam knows that the cat is badly injured. Elam goes back into the apartment and tells Smith that he has just killed her cat. Elam leaves the apartment. Smith stabs Elam with a knife into his chest in front of her five-year-old son. Elam throws Smith to the ground. Smith drops the knife. Both Smith and Elam get into a vehicle. They punch each other in the face. They get out of the vehicle. Elam punches Smith in the face and throws her to the ground. Smith hits her head on the asphalt. Elam finds the cat which is still alive in the creek. They get back into the vehicle with the child. Smith drives towards a veterinary clinic. Elam strangles Smith as she drives. Smith almost passes out. Smith continues driving. The cat dies. Smith stops the vehicle. She gets out and dials 911. Elam takes phone from Smith. Smith flags down a passerby who calls 911 for her. Elam receives three stitches for the knife wound in his chest. He said he wanted to kill her cat to hurt Smith.

This is how an innocent domestic cat is killed when there is an argument between a man and a woman. The fight is recorded in an affidavit (sworn statement) at court which the reporter, Vickie Aldous of the Mail Tribune got hold of.

Scott Raymond Elam has a long criminal record! Smith has no criminal record. They have both been charged with serious crimes because of this fight.

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7 thoughts on “Cat Killed in Intense Protracted Fight between Man and Woman”

  1. I live in Medford, OR. I know Elam from high school. He is an absolute filth bag of a human being. I hope he gets killed in prison. That cat doesn’t deserve to be frightened and brutally killed in the way it was. Horrible.

  2. I was thinking that Smith is a victim and shouldn’t be prosecuted, but this probably wasn’t the first fight. By staying she endangered her child and pet.

    What’s the location? In some towns in the USA, people that report DV are usually banned from the city or county and forced to move. They call the crime “illegal use of 911”.

  3. This is so hideous, so horrific. The poor cat must have seen fights like this between these two before. The intensity of the description makes me wonder if Crack/meth as involved?

    Rest in peace sweet puss.

  4. This brought me to tears…the whole complete incident. Praying for the kitty soul, who is now at peace, and the child, who obvious
    ly is not at peace.???

    1. Yes, it portrayed the mindless intensity of a domestic fight with the innocent and vulnerable cat being the one to loss her life. So horrible.

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