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Hybrid Vigour In Cats — 4 Comments

  1. Depends on what you mean by breeding. The cat fancy practice of line-breeding from a limited gene pool in order to improve the chances of repeating certain colours or characteristics is a disaster waiting to happen. The root of this malpractice is in the cat fancy societies rules that determine what characteristics are acceptable. Breeders are therefore encouraged to line-breed in order to conform to those rules. I don’t have that problem here. Turkish Angoras and Turkish Vans occur naturally in Turkey and Cyprus. I conserve rather than breed these cats and always take care to select new ones from widely divergent locations to maintain a wide unrelated gene pool. My Minos from the Ankara Zoo lived to be 20 y/o, and never had a day’s sickness in all her life. Likewise her descendants. These cats cannot strictly be called breeds. Nobody bred them except Mother Nature. Their health and strength testify to that.

    • Very nicely said Harvey. I totally agree with you of course. And if I may say so your cats are very attractive. I hope you are well and the same for your gorgeous cats.

  2. I followed most of this article.
    But, I have an enormous distaste for any breeding unless it is an effort to save the extinction of some big cats.

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