Cat Lover and Dreamer

Cat Lover and Dreamer

by Michael
(Ponca City, OK)

Yes, I am a cat lover and a dreamer. Actually, I am an animal lover and my dream is that we, humans, learn to live in harmony with other animals on the planet; that we learn to respect them, give them space and stop killing them for the wrong reasons.

I glimpsed a bit of that dream, at sun up, today in Oklahoma on the A1 Savannah farm. Here is what I mean:

Harmony - A1 Savannahs Farm
Harmony at A1 Savannahs Farm

The light was warm, the animals (including me) were in harmony with each other. It was very still and quiet. The wind was as warm as the light and it gently brushed against me. A warm wind is comforting and a little melancholy, I think.

The animals followed me on to the prairie. It had an African quality – very African, in fact.

If only it could always be like this.

Which brings me with a jolt to the subject of cat breeding. The idea of being in harmony with nature can and should extend to cat breeding. It is a process that should, in my personal view, be as natural as possible.

A1 Savannahs Farm
Horse love bites a sheep!

Two subjects come to mind in relation to that sentence. Firstly, the appearance of the cat should be as natural as possible. We should follow nature’s lead. Nature knows best because it has evolved over eons. The cat is a top predator, almost perfectly formed. Should we tinker with that? Do we know better than nature? And if we do tinker because we think we know best, what happens? Answer: we always pay a price in some shape or form.

Some breeders think they know better than nature. Take the flat faced Persian. They think this abnormal looking cat improves on nature but how can it when the deformities bred into it cause ill health? There are other examples but I don’t want to sound too provocative.

On a more subtle level, there is the process of cat breeding. A female cat’s sexual activity is governed by the amount of daylight that she is exposed to daily.

This fact presents a temptation to us to use it in our favour if we are a breeder. Do breeders artificially vary the amount of light that a female is subjected to in order to increase the number of litters? I am told that some do. If that is the case it is unnatural and I say counterproductive in the long term. There may be an initial gain but in the long term nature will react and balance things out. Over the long term, I say that this kind lack of respect for nature is short-sighted and based on short-termism, a poor way of doing things.

I am a cat lover and dreamer but also a realist. We can make the dream become a reality.

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Cat Lover and Dreamer

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May 27, 2010 Serenity
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Michael – that picture has such a serenity and harmony that it no doubt will be ‘borrowed’ for all kinds of heavenly causes. But what it shows is not heaven, it is what our good earth is like in places that we only see, when we move out of our busy city lifes.
And I also agree with Maggie that we probably won’t be the last dominant race on this earth. Humans tend to see ourselves as center of the Universe, but in fact we are nothing but grains of sand.

May 26, 2010 Hi Ruth
by: Michael

Yes, I will be sad to leave the space and peace. When we go to Ponca City which is about 8 miles away we see about 4 cars on the road at one time and at any time of day including “rush hour” – actually there is no rush hour as far as I can see.

The air is warm and the landscape very open. London is my home and it has some great things going for it but it is noisy and expensive etc.

Michael Avatar

May 25, 2010 Spot on Maggie !
by: Ruth

Maggie you’ve hit the nail square on the head there ! We really are dinosaurs in that we think we rule because we are bigger and more frightening looking and more powerful than most of our animal brothers and sisters.We also think we are more intelligent and are here forever. Dinosaurs would never ever think of being extinct one day….. nor do most people now !

May 25, 2010 happy and sad
by: Ruth

Hi Michael, I wouldn’t like to live in London,I hear from our niece who lives there that the pace of life is manic in comparison to ours up North.
I expect you’ll be sad to leave that beautiful place where you are staying but you’ll be happy to see your feline family, although they’ll probably totally ignore you for a while as your punishment for going away lol
Have a safe journey home ! Bring lots more photos like todays too please.

May 25, 2010 Hi
by: Michael

Hi Ladies, this morning at 6 am, 25th May, I went out again onto that piece of paradise prairie after a distant storm.

I think I have some biblical style photos. It was dramatic and oh so biblical! I seem to have got diverted away from cats…:)

I’ll make a post today. I return to London on 27th May. Back to London traffic and about as far from the bible as one can get!

Michael Avatar

May 25, 2010 A very good point in there
by: Maggie Sharp

I like what you said about people getting wiped out one day, it made me think that we are sort of just a phase of nature. Kind of like the dinosaurs, they lasted for millions of years and then they just died. If we don’t destroy the earth, what’s to say that the same won’t happen to us? What’s to say that we’re not just one of many future dominant races. I doubt that we’ll be the last dominant race on this earth, and I think it’s unwise for anyone to assume that we will be.

May 25, 2010 Nature as it should be
by: Ruth

Now that is my sort of picture,various species of content animals in harmony with each other and with Nature,just as they should be.
If you compare that with pictures of caged or tethered animals,it’s enough to break your heart.
The question is why ? Why is the world so unfair to some animals? (and some people too,we have so much but some have too much and some too little,there would be enough to go round if some were not too greedy)
Why the longing to possess ? Why the need to change animals which were perfectly fine as they were. Like the flat faced Persians, what was the point in deliberately breeding cats to be born that way to suffer health problems?
I don’t understand why some people are not happy and content with what we have, why want more?
Who says we should rule the earth and the animals on it? We evolved from animals ourselves and call ourselves superior.
How wrong we are !
One day humans will be wiped out and the earth will gradually return to the state it was before we ruined it.
But too late for the captive animals now at the mercy of too many people.
Does anyone else feel like me,as if they don’t belong in this world ?

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 25, 2010 Dreamer
by: Maggie Sharp

Michael, that first photo is the most beautiful photo I’ve ever seen! It really did bring a smile to my face! Isn’t it amazing that animals of all different breeds, sizes and species can live together in complete harmony, and yet we humans can not even find harmony within our own homes.

I am also a dreamer, I spend a lot of time wondering what the world would be like without humans, or what the world would be like if humans were not so technologically obsessed. What would the world be like if there were no massive cities, what would the world be like if the forests of which once stood still remained. The world would certainly be a different place, wouldn’t it?

I agree with what you said in regard to cat breeding, I love wild hybrids, but I don t believe they should have been created in the first place. Nature did not want wild cats to breed with domestic cats, why do you think that early generation hybrids are born infertile? Breeding wild hybrids goes against nature, and nature’s intentions. I also agree that cats should not be bred with genetic mutations in order for breeders to get a unique looking cat. What breeders did to achieve the modern Persian is cruel and guess who pays the consequences for such cruelty? The cats do!

Also, I clicked on the picture to see a larger version of it, and it directed me to Flickr, I couldn’t help looking at your photos, particularly your 3-legged beauty!

May 24, 2010 Dreamer
by: Tracey (England)

I think I too must be a dreamer, I’m certainly a born romantic.

I dream of a world where wild animals are just that; left to run wild without human intervention upsetting the fragile eco balance; without devastating their vast natural habitat; without hunting to extinction.

A world where humans don’t feel they need to possess and animal in order to make them feel more powerful or adapt an animal just because they can. A world where animals aren’t used as a commodity.

I think I’ll stay just as I am a dreamer because the world we live in today seems to be more and more of a nightmare in terms of animal cruelty.

Michael it seems you have found a little paradise at the farm and you appear to be very at peace and at one with your surroundings. I do hope you enjoy the remainder of your stay, I’ve certainly enjoyed your photo’s.

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