Cat Rescued From Flame Engulfed Luxury Yacht

This is an interesting and unusual cat rescue. It is probably unique. Fireman rescued a black and white cat from the bow of a luxury yacht in Alicante, Spain. It appears that the boat was in a boatyard, out of the water, being maintained or repaired. It makes me wonder whether the people involved in the maintenance created the fire. It looks that way.

Obviously the cat was keen to get off the boat and away from the fire, which is why he or she is at the far end of the boat at the bow. At one stage the cat thinks about jumping overboard (scared by the guy trying to rescue him) but is grabbed by the firefighter.

Apparently, 10 people were taken to hospital after trying to put out the fire. There were not firefighters but the firefighters arrived shortly afterwards. My research indicates that I’m right in suggesting that workmen on the boat caused the blaze. It is believed that it started during welding work in the engine room. A full investigation is underway.

The flames spread quickly. Some workers inhaled the smoke. Firefighters had difficulty controlling the blaze because the bodywork is made of fibreglass. The firefighters used more than 1 million liters of seawater to control the blaze.

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As you can see in the video the cat survived. It is not known whether the cat was a stray or belonged to someone on the yacht. It is a shame that the cat was allowed to run away as you can see in the video. He/she may have difficulty surviving.

I would have preferred to have seen the cat put into a cat carrier and then inquiries made as to whether the owner of the cat is also the owner of the yacht or whether the cat was a stray and unowned. The cat could have been scanned for a microchip to try and identify an owner.

Nonetheless it is great to see firefighters rescuing a cat from a blaze. It seems that the beautiful €6 million yacht has been totally destroyed. How many times have workers employed to improve something ended up destroying or damaging it? It happens quite a lot.

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2 Responses

  1. Albert Schepis says:

    I’ve owned a few boats; the chemicals and materials are extremely flammable and toxic. One whiff of burning anything could put you in the hospital, and yeah, while boatyard workers are usually very knowledgable about what they’re working with, they can be transient and careless.

    As for the cat, yeah I agree.

  2. Carol Brandt says:

    Praise God he was rescued! It seems that often welding equipment is not watched closely enough.

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