Is cat euthanasia ALWAYS painless?

I am asking the question whether euthanising a cat with sodium pentobarbital is genuinely painless

We, the cat owning public, are told that cat euthanasia is always painless. It is guaranteed. It is a humane way to say goodbye to your cat. But is it always humane and painless? When you dig around a bit you come up with the answer NO. One veterinarian, Paul, confidently states on their …

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Bird flu kills five domestic cats in the United States of America


NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a worrying development. I’ve written about bird flu before and the fact that it is a zoonotic disease which means that it can be transmitted between animals and people. Covid-19 is also a zoonotic disease and we know how badly that affected the entire planet. And today, The Sun, …

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Can you request in your will that your companion animal must be killed on your death?

Richard Avanzino, with Sido, in 1979

It is a peculiar question to me but some people do request in their will that the executor of their will has their healthy companion animal, usually a cat or dog, euthanized (actually killed) after they’ve died because they might believe that nobody can care for their pet as well as they could. And …

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Shooting cats as a form of euthanasia?

Under normal circumstances, is it possible to 'euthanize a feral cat with a .22 rifle?

This is a discussion about whether shooting cats as a type of euthanasia is humane or inhumane. Why am I discussing it? Because a lot of people shoot a lot of cats, primarily feral cats but sometimes domestic cats and stray cats. These are the world’s shooters. Most of them are in Australia (Oz). …

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Full medical history of elderly shelter cat is REVEALING

"Feather" gone but never forgotten

Be prepared for a long and chaotic read! Sorry but that is how it is presented. It is unusual, it seems to me, for the full medical history of a shelter cat to be published online on social media which is what occurred with respect to an elderly female cat named ‘Feather’. Her right …

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Euthanizing a companion animal due to behavioral problems. Are there alternatives?

Bad cat behavior leading to euthanasia

Problematic behavioral problems in companion animals are one of the most frustrating and emotionally draining challenges for their owners. Resolving these problems can often be extremely difficult; especially for animals who are hard to handle, aggressive and/or destructive. In these cases owners may become frightened of their pet and truly believe that the only …

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Jackson Galaxy provides advice on when to euthanize your cat (and Michael adds some more)

We should be with our cat when she/he is euthanized

For those who are unsure, Jackson Galaxy is America’s celebrity cat behaviorist. His advice is excellent. Jackson’s approach to the difficult decision as to when to euthanise your cat is spiritual. Provided the cat’s guardian is in the right place psychologically, her cat will tell her when it is time. If you are a …

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