Animal rescue community outraged after Sandy Animal Shelter kills 10 cats and 3 bunnies over the weekend

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The Sandy Animal Shelter in Sandy, Utah has left the animal rescue community in an uproar after ten cats and three bunnies were euthanized over the weekend due to a panleuk outbreak. First, let’s take a look at shelter practices … please continue reading

Animal shelter managers charged with two counts of third-degree animal cruelty

Former Hamilton shelter director Todd Bencivengo, left, and Hamilton Health Officer Jeffrey Plunkett. Photo:

Two senior managers of the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter, Todd Bencivengo, 56, the former director and Jeffrey Plunkett, 62, the health officer, have been charged with two counts of third-degree animal cruelty and one count of second-degree official misconduct. They’ve … please continue reading

Florida veterinarian said senior cat was ‘suffering’ and euthanizes her on the day of intake at SPCA

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A Lakeland senior cat was euthanized the same day it was turned in to SPCA Florida because the veterinarian said the cat was suffering. This tragic story is yet another reason to have your cat microchipped. Jazmyn had been part … please continue reading

Cat wrongfully labeled feral: ‘I kept looking for this vicious wild cat that had terrorized a family’

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Posted March 15, 2019 – A Reader’s Forum article by Laura Morrison This is what gets animals killed. Labeling them feral without any idea of what that really means. This beautiful boy was called in as a feral public nuisance, … please continue reading

Knoxville City Council decided to authorise a trap, neuter, vaccination, return program

Janet Testerman

Councils across America sometimes struggle with the decision to authorise TNR programs or go with trapping and euthanising. Knoxville City Council has just gone through that process and they passed 7-2, on first reading, an ordinance which puts their seal … please continue reading