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Can cats smile. What do you think?

Can cats smile?

An often-asked question in relation to domestic cats is, “Can cats smile?” It is a question about feline emotions as you can’t smile unless you are happy, a basic emotion. The experts and the...

Mystery cat picture? A grey-skined Sphynx (hairless cat) lying between some bedding with their fron paws sticking out.

Cat paw prints – clipart, photos, info.

A search for cat paw prints can mean one of two things: a search for clip art of paw prints and/or a cat’s tracks left in sand, earth or snow and sometimes rock! Consequently,...

Cat teeth timeline

Do cats’ teeth fall out?

Do cat’s teeth fall out? The answer is yes for baby teeth but no for adult teeth. If an adult cat’s teeth are falling out see a veterinarian asap. There will be severe gum...

Whiskers thrust forward to 'feel' the object in front of him

How does a cat use her whiskers?

This picture of a cobby cat, probably and Exotic Shorthair, with her whisker pads raised shows us how her whiskers are being used to try and feel the object that is in front of...

Caracal leaping

How can cats jump so high?

The two main reasons why cats can jump so high is because most of their muscles consist of fast-twitch fatiguing cells. They give the cat its speed and these muscles allow them to jump...

Calico Sphynx showing the coat through the fuzz

Picture of calico Sphynx cat

You might have thought that all Sphynx cats were the colour of their skin. After all, all you see is their skin. You shouldn’t see the huge range of coat colours and patterns that...

Picture of cat showing webbed feet

Hairless cat has duck’s feet

The webbing between the toes of domestic cats is particularly noticeable in this hairless cat, a Sphynx with outreaching paws.

Glowing eyes

Are cats’ eyes more sensitive to light?

Yes, cats’ eyes are more sensitive to light than those of humans. This is why they shine in the dark because of a reflective layer behind the retina which is called the tapetum lucidum...

Sphynx cats don't have eccrine sweat glands except on their pawpads.

Do Sphynx cats sweat?

Sphynx cats don’t sweat perspiration except from the pawpads just like any other domestic cat with fur.

To purr is feline

The real reason why cats purr

You can work out the real reason why domestic cats purr by observing when they do it. There was a time when people believed that the purr simply meant that their cat was contented....

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