A cat’s senses are ready and waiting

Cat senses for survival

Here comes Toji! – Photo by fofurasfelinas (link at base of page) This is a really nice picture by a well-known Flickr photographer, Giane Portal, Flickr name: forfurasfelinas, of a sanctuary or rescue cat (she is heavily involved in cat rescue) named Toji. As we can see, he is a brown mackerel tabby cat …

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TikTok’s cat vision filter critique

TikTok cat vision filter

TikTok’s cat vision filter is unsophisticated and misleading. I’ll explain why. TikTok has introduced another ‘filter’. What that means is the platform a alters the reality or filters the video that you make and, in this instance, they make the video look as if it was through the eyes of a cat. And in …

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The claws of wild and domestic cats (infographic)

Black Oriental Shorthair bred in Russia wants to get down as his breeder holds him for a video

Together with the cat’s athleticism, their claws and teeth define the cat because they are essential to their predatory nature. The cat is a top predator and they live with us when domesticated. It’s remarkable in many ways that humans should so successfully live with such a devastating predator. The relationship isn’t always successful …

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Cat Vision Pictorial Examples

What colors do cats see?

Introduction: I was the first person to make these comparison point-of-view images. Everyone has followed. I used our knowledge of the cat’s eyesight to work it out. Enjoy. We cannot be absolutely certain that these images are entirely accurate but they should be pretty close. Remember too that cats have poor close-range eyesight partly …

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Can cats smile?

Can cats smile. What do you think?

An often-asked question in relation to domestic cats is, “Can cats smile?” It is a question about feline emotions as you can’t smile unless you are happy, a basic emotion. The experts and the observant cat caregivers believe or know that cats can at least experience basic emotions. They can feel happy but can …

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Infographic on points of interest about cats’ paws

Spectrum and cat's paws

Well, I love cats’ paws. As I say in the infographic they are deadly and delightful. They are soft and gentle when at rest but deadly when the cat wants to use their claws because it happens so fast and the claws are so damned sharp as they are sharpened all the time by …

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Cat paw prints – clipart, photos, info.

Mystery cat picture? A grey-skined Sphynx (hairless cat) lying between some bedding with their fron paws sticking out.

A search for cat paw prints can mean one of two things: a search for clip art of paw prints and/or a cat’s tracks left in sand, earth or snow and sometimes rock! Consequently, I cover both topics on this page. Clip art Below I present a piece a clip art that I have …

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