Cats that change colour from orange to black and black to orange


Online currently there is a GeoBeats story about an adorable cat called Pugsley who when adopted from a rescue center was orange. It was an extreme case of tyrosine deficiency due to him being on a very unbalanced diet for a long time before he entered the shelter (on my assessment). Normally black cats …

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Cat hair pigmentation types (fully illustrated)

A fully illustrated page on the self, tipped, shaded, smoke and ticked (tabby) cat coat hair strands and the positioning of pigmentation which is called melanin (eumelanin). Melanin is created in pigment producing cells called melanocytes in the skin. Their operation is dictated to by the genotype of the cat. Here are the various …

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Picture of brown spots in a cat’s eye (iris melanosis)

The eyes of a 21-year-old cat with iris melanosis - iris freckles

This is an excellent example – I would say an extreme example – of iris melanosis in the eyes of an elderly cat. The picture caught my eye (excuse the pun). It comes from the website on which a member of that site (u/lilbeewin) posted a picture of her cat with the title: …

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Colour changes in the eyes of an odd-eyed white cat

Ivory has odd eye color and they change in color

Ivory is a 10 year old, white, domestic shorthaired cat with odd-eye colour. Her right eye is gold coloured and her left eye is yellow-green coloured. Her owner, Gabriela Carvalho, 28, a nursing student, adopted Ivory from the same rescue centre that she adopted her former cat from, whose name was Luna. Luna died …

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Do tigers have stripes on their skin?

Tiger fur pattern in skin

Yes, tigers do have stripes on their skin. The stripes are actually “in” and “on” the skin. This is because, as I understand it, even when a tiger’s fur has been shaved there remains a small segment of hair shaft inside the hair follicle (and just above it), embedded into the skin. This hair …

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