What do Abyssinian cats look like?

The Abyssinian cat is an athletic looking companion animal. People who breed Abyssinian cats i.e. those in the cat fancy, might describe the cat’s body as “foreign” which means slightly slender. This is descriptive of an athletic, lively, hardened and muscular cat which shows eager activity and a lively interest in things that are …

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Sorrel Abyssinian Cat

Sorrel Abyssinian cat

I will quote the words of Gloria Stephens in her book Legacy of the Cat. “Sorrel – the indicative color is cinnamon. The cinnamon color combined with burnt sienna ground color and ticking, makes the cat look red”. Gloria states that it is wrong to describe the sorrel Abyssinian as red because it indicates …

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Scandalous Situation Regarding Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats

There is a cat health crisis and it is chronic kidney disease (CKD). CKD means an irreversible, long term disease of the cat’s kidneys that leads to death, eventually. Treatment slows the process. Here are some quotes: Studies suggest that about 50 percent of cats older than 10 suffer from chronic kidney disease (Colorado …

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