What do Abyssinian cats look like?

The Abyssinian cat is an athletic looking companion animal. People who breed Abyssinian cats i.e. those in the cat fancy, might describe the cat’s body as “foreign” which means slightly slender. This is descriptive of an athletic, lively, hardened and muscular cat which shows eager activity and a lively interest in things that are …

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Cats Photo Album

Introduction Cats Photo Album – These photographs are reproduced here under Creative Commons (CC) or with the photographer’s permission. Update: this an archive. It has been dormant for a number of years but there are still some nice cat photographs here. Most are links to larger format images. They are either reproduced “as is” …

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Abyssinian Cat Picture

This page is about the making of an Abyssinian cat picture. And the picture was made by the best cat photographer, Helmi Flick. The Abyssinian kittens in this video were walked into the makeshift studio at the Apr 25-26, 2009 Oklahoma City OK – TICA Thunderkatz cat show, in a large transporter type cage …

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