Can a cat invalidate one’s prayers in the Islamic faith?

Imam Mustafa Efe with a kitten inside his mosque: Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque, Istanbul

There are some strict rules for Muslims when praying. One of them concerns things happening in front of the worshipper when praying. The rules on this specific aspect of praying are nicely encapsulated on the Islam Question and Answer website (thank you). Remarkably there is a disconcerting distinction between a ‘woman, a donkey or …

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Does black cat superstition come from Pope Gregory IX’s papal bull Vox in Rama?

Konrad von Marburg started the ant-black cat campaign in 1232

Why do black cats have a reputation for evil? It appears that an overzealous and cruel German priest and nobleman, Konrad von Marburg kick started the superstitious link between black cats and Satan in 1232. The conventional view is that Pope Gregory IX “initiated the feline Holocaust in Europe” by denouncing the black cat …

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If you are a Buddhist and you harm a cat you might be reincarnated as a mouse

Buddhist and a ginger tabby cat

Buddhists believe in reincarnation. They believe that as a part of the Samsara life-and-death cycle, cats and dogs as well as other animals such as elephants and horses can potentially be reincarnated as humans. This leads some Buddhists to perform full funeral rites for their pets including prayers for forgiveness with the intention of …

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