Cats are bringing Ukraine’s victory closer!

This is another great photograph by one of Ukraine’s war photographers whose job is to capture images which support the country’s efforts in defending their country against the Russian invader. The Defense of Ukraine Twitter X account not infrequently publishes cool cat and dog photographs in which the companion animals are supporting the brave Ukrainian warriors who risk their lives and often give their lives in fighting for their country.

I feel sorry for the animals although I love them. They do a service for the soldiers which is great but they should be inside a nice home being cared for by a good cat caregiver. That’s not to say that this soldier isn’t doing a good job of cat caregiving but it can’t be as good as a home when you are in the trenches and there are Russians shelling you. Many of those homes have been destroyed by Russian rockets and shells. There are many homeless cats.

Cats are bringing Ukraine's victory closer
Cats are bringing Ukraine’s victory closer. Image: Defense of Ukraine on Twitter X.
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How many domestic, stray and feral cats have died in this war? We have no idea except that it is a lot. Dogs have suffered the same fate. It is so cruel and mindless. It is hateful. Many domestic cats have become homeless and abandoned not by a neglectful owner (although that has happened in this war) but because the owner has been shelled in their home and killed.

You can say exactly the same thing about the cats and dogs of Gaza. It is depressing.

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