The domestic tabby cat is the spitting image of the black-footed cat but the similarity ends there

The domestic tabby cat is the spitting image of the black-footed cat but the similarity ends there

Although some domestic tabby cats can be accomplished hunters, at their best they will be feeble compared to the black-footed cat which bears a close resemblance to their domesticated cousin. The similarity in appearance is remarkable as illustrated by the picture below. People complain about indoor/outdoor domestic cats killing wildlife. Fair enough. But in …

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Cats are bringing Ukraine’s victory closer!

Cats are bringing Ukraine's victory closer

This is another great photograph by one of Ukraine’s war photographers whose job is to capture images which support the country’s efforts in defending their country against the Russian invader. The Defense of Ukraine Twitter X account not infrequently publishes cool cat and dog photographs in which the companion animals are supporting the brave …

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The classic blotched tabby (infographic)

Silver classic tabby Scottish Fold kitten with a WOW appearance

Scroll down for an infographic on the classic tabby cat coat which is also referred to as the blotched tabby. Of the three types of tabby coat: the mackerel, spotted and classic, as stated in the infographic, the classic is believed to have evolved the last in the Elizabethan era due to a genetic mutation. But domestic cat tabby coats have evolved from the original domesticated cats which were all stripped/spotted tabbies as they were domesticated wildcats. Back in the day there was only one type of tabby.

Click the link above for an infographic on the agouti gene which is responsible for the tabby coat.
The classic blotched tabby

Is a Bengal cat a tabby cat?

Difference between random bred tabby cat and Bengal cat in appearance

Yes, all Bengal cats are tabby cats. I’ll explain. ‘Bengal cats’ are a cat breed. ‘Tabby cats’ are domestic, stray and feral cats with a certain type of cat coat: the tabby coat. So, the latter encompasses the former. It is a wider classification. An umbrella classification if you like. The Cat Fanciers’ Association …

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Infographic on “What kind of cat did Cleopatra have?”

Cleopatra and cat

The infographic answers the question as best I can. It is not clear when the multitude of different domestic cat coats first emerged through natural selection (evolution) except for the classic (blotched) tabby which emerged in the 18th century. But as the domestic cat is a domesticated North Eastern wildcat which is a rather …

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Persian ticked – experimental or crossbreed

Ticked Coat of Abyssinian Cat

The Persian ticked cat is an experimental breed of purebred cat. It is probably confined to a single breeder – although I don’t know for sure. There is very little information about this proposed cat breed except what is inferred by the title of the cat. We don’t have a photograph of this cat …

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10 facts about the Ocicat

Ocicat photographed by Helmi Flick

The Ocicat is a human-created cat breed; being a combination of the American Shorthair, Abyssinian and Siamese cats. It was originally a mixture of three-quarters Siamese and one quarter Abyssinian with later additions of American shorthairs. The name is a combination of ‘ocelot’ and ‘cat’. In the early days of the breed other names …

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Cheetoh Cat – a glamorous and rare cat breed

Cheetoh cat

The Cheetoh Cat is a cross between the well-known wildcat hybrid, the Bengal cat and an Ocicat (non-wildcat hybrid). This is a relatively large, gentle and wild-looking cat. Bengal cat breeders like the wild look. I have decided that this breed is a ‘once removed wild cat hybrid’ as it contains some wild cat …

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