Bearskin hats bring shame to the UK says Stephen Fry

UK Ministry of Defence insist on using the skins of Canadian black bears to make hats for their guards when an excellent, synthetic alternative is available about which they make no comment it seems.

NEWS AND OPINION: Steven Fry, a well-respected and indeed loved, highly intelligent British celebrity, actor and comedian, has condemned the UK’s Ministry of Defence for insisting that their guards continue to wear bearskin hats made from genuine Canadian black bear pelts when synthetic alternatives made to a high standard and meeting requirements of drying …

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Cats are bringing Ukraine’s victory closer!

Cats are bringing Ukraine's victory closer

This is another great photograph by one of Ukraine’s war photographers whose job is to capture images which support the country’s efforts in defending their country against the Russian invader. The Defense of Ukraine Twitter X account not infrequently publishes cool cat and dog photographs in which the companion animals are supporting the brave …

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Picture of a British soldier playing with a kitten in the snow, December 17, 1917

Soldier interacts with kitten in snow 1917

This is a photograph from World War I, the Great War. It was taken by John Warwick Brooke (Lieutenant). It is a black-and-white colourised photograph. It was colourised by Colourising History (aka /u/DBColour). Below it is the original black and white photo. It shows a British soldier perhaps of the Army Service Corps ‘shaking …

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