Cat’s Ears Cut Off

by Elisa Black-Taylor

Katala's ears are gone

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Katala's ears are gone

Katala's ears are gone Katala Katala

Cat's Ears Cut Off is yet another example of a world gone mad.

My daughter told me just before I left for work that a dog in Greenville near where I live was found with its eyes punched out. They said it wasn't a dog fight or there would be other injuries. The abuse never seems to end for the cats and dogs in this sad world we now live in.

This cat story is very disturbing to me not only because the abuser is still out there, but because it's not the first case of this kind in the area.

The abuse took place in Pasco, Franklin County, Washington on May 13, 2011 when a five week old kitten, now named Katala, was found with both ears cut off. Here's a news video on the case.

The animal control officer who found Katala near a Pasco home Friday night has taken her to his home to recover. He fell in love with the little girl, who is just fine health-wise except for a chance the hearing in one ear may be gone.

Back in March a boxer bulldog puppy was found with it's ears cut off. A lot of people have the ears surgically shaped depending on breed. This dog was clearly abused, with one ear being totally cut off.

Police are looking into the possibility of the two cases being related. Anyone with any information on the case may call either the Pasco Police Department or the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter at (509)545-3740.

Please keep your cats safe. I get critisized a lot for keeping mine in, yet with each abuse story I do it convinces me I'm doing the right thing for my cats. These abuse cases are increasing and becoming more twisted. These abusers are sadists. That's the only word I can think of that describes a person who would do this to a defenseless kitten.

Abuse is happening everywhere. No matter where you live or what size your town. Small towns are just as vulnerable. What DOES seem common in most every story I write about cat abuse is the abusers look deranged. Their mug shots look like some reject from a back woods horror movie. I'm not even sure I've done a case where an adult abuser was good looking and well dressed. The Miami-Dade cat killings was a bit different, but this case dealt with a teen. Most of the abuse cases I do are centered around 35-55 year old men. Perhaps a "profile" is forming.

I'd like to add I don't know what the kitten was doing outside at night. Perhaps it belonged to a stray or feral cat. I hope no one would put a kitten out to defend for itself. Obviously, it was no match for someone out there who probably got pleasure from hurting this baby.

This case, as with many others, I believe someone in the area around Pasco, Washington is bragging about what he did. I also get the feeling if this kitten fought back then someone is walking around with a lot of little cat scratches on their hands.

In closing, I have a strange question to ask the readers at and I'd like your input on this. Do you think it had to be the work of two people? One to hold the kitten down and one to cut off its poor little ears. I'm just curious whether only one person could have pulled this off.

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Cat's Ears Cut Off

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Dec 17, 2011
Fallacy NEW
by: Anonymous

I see a fallacy in your story. You are basically making the assertion that anyone who looks out of the norm is not responsible and caring for their animal. I probably look just as bad as most of these people you are speaking of. I am disabled and don't get out much, therefore I don't see a reason in keeping my personal appearance tip top (I am also an online college student). Yet I absolutely LOVE my cat. I would NEVER mistreat her as you are clearly stating someone who looks like myself would. That is basic stereotyping. "He looks like a creeper, so he must abuse animals." No, I do not abuse my animal, and I would rather harm myself than my cat. Good day to you, stuck up asshat.

May 21, 2011
Kittens ears?
by: Letha

I think since it is just such a small and young kitten that it could of been just 1 person to do it. Poor little baby 🙁

May 21, 2011
kitten abuse!!!
by: Paula amos

This is so sad, but i am so happy the kitten will hopefully have a happy out come and will find a forever home!! Until the laws start dealing with people very!!!! severly this kind of story will keep happening!!!

May 21, 2011
Weird tought
by: Michael

I wonder if the person who did this liked the look of the Scottish Fold, a cat that seems to have lost his or her ears as they lie flat.

Whatever, you wonder of the person was sober and not high on drugs when he or she did it.

How can someone do this when stone cold sober and with the mind working normally?

4 thoughts on “Cat’s Ears Cut Off”

  1. I rescued a three month old kitten a year ago someone cut his ears off burnt the pads of his pads and a big wound on his leg. it took about three months for him to trust me and now im the only one he will trust. Company comes over and they never see him but when they leave he comes right out of my bedroom and on my lap. There are such sick mean people in this world.

    • Thanks for sharing Pascal. Could you tell us more. Forgive me but I don’t understand what you mean by “Company comes over”. Well done for rescuing an abused kitten. Is this the kitten in the story? Sorry to ask.

      • Yes this is the kitten his name is baby boy, what i was saying about company coming over is that he is still scared to death of other people. I work at a low cost spay n neuter clinic in Lawton,Oklahoma. Someone brought him to the clinic they said they found him one the road we took him fixed him up and i took him home. He is a year old now and my little sweetheart . This is him today with his buddy cheddar


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