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Cat’s Ears Cut Off — 4 Comments

  1. I rescued a three month old kitten a year ago someone cut his ears off burnt the pads of his pads and a big wound on his leg. it took about three months for him to trust me and now im the only one he will trust. Company comes over and they never see him but when they leave he comes right out of my bedroom and on my lap. There are such sick mean people in this world.

    • Thanks for sharing Pascal. Could you tell us more. Forgive me but I don’t understand what you mean by “Company comes over”. Well done for rescuing an abused kitten. Is this the kitten in the story? Sorry to ask.

      • Yes this is the kitten his name is baby boy, what i was saying about company coming over is that he is still scared to death of other people. I work at a low cost spay n neuter clinic in Lawton,Oklahoma. Someone brought him to the clinic they said they found him one the road we took him fixed him up and i took him home. He is a year old now and my little sweetheart . This is him today with his buddy cheddar

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