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  1. I applaud you for helping out an innocent life. I myself live in the n.e. tip of Marion. I care for a lot more than you. Last count was just over 30, but 28 of them I have managed to get neutered, fixed and all their shots. My highest population was 52 all of those where fixed. It makes it so much easier to find homes for them. It cost me over $150 plus donations I can raise, to feed them. I feed them only dry food and they love it because that’s all they have had. It is very hard feeding that many, my only income is my disability, I am a Polio survivor & . But it can be done, the amount of love & devotion & I live alone with all these cat’s. Keep that love and concern for the cat’s you have and You will never be alone.

    • Thank you very much Michael for commenting and sharing your experiences and your cat rescuing with other visitors to this website.

  2. I am hoping you can help. Someone dropped off an older kitten at my house on Christmas night. It is on my back porch, as I have a dog that wants to eat it. I cannot get anyone to help. If you could please tell me a place I could drop her off at, that will not kill this poor thing.

    • Hello Elaine. Thank you for commenting. You do not say where you live. The best way to find a rescue centre where I’m afraid there is no guarantee that the cat will be rescued and saved, is to go to Google and search for a rescue centre nearby. In the search term you should include the phrase “animal rescue” and the name of the place where you live. Either that or you find a local person who will adopt the cat for you in which case you will be acting at a cat rescue lady temporarily. However I agree that cat shelters are not what they purport to be because they euthanize far too many cats but unfortunately you may have to rely on one unless, as mentioned, you can find someone to adopt cat. Good luck and my best wishes to the cat.

  3. Please tell me why a cat has to be on a leash in Marion co. fl. I can under stand a leash if the cat is trained for it in the city. But in the country where cats are a great help on the farms and most cats will not walk on a leash. My cats (two) would hang them selves if put on a leash. They are great ratters and keep my little chicken farm free of rats that eat feed and are a problem on health issues. You can go to most of the horse farms in marion that are a great employer of our citizens and find they have cat in the barns and are will cared for. Need to change that law. Is there anyone out there that can help me resend the cat leash law? Frances

  4. Thanks for your reply yes I do have a big heart and try to help all the people I can with their animals,I live out in disbelief,and it’s definitely a dumping ground for unwanted kitties, it’s very sad,but I try and do the best I can to help people around me get there kitties fixed, and by doing this they don’t have to take the class I truely don’t mind.I’ll help anyone I can so if there’s anyone out there I can help please let me know.you guys keep up the good work and together maybe we’ll make a difference. Truely TT

  5. Also if you would like to call me my # is 352-239-1474 please feel to call I also get everything done for my cats for $10 no joke I’ll be more willing to help you all I can. Please call. AndGodBless!! For all your trying to do.

  6. My name is Tammy, let me try to help you guy’s Tom I live in marion county and I took a two hour class to become a TNR person I’ve got 17cats. There all fixed I have 6that is my personal cats but sence I’ve been with sheltering hands the ferel cats they fix and and have chipped there ear is also nipped at the tip this way they no these cats can not be touched. Have you tried to do this for your kitties. I love my cats and would go to jail in a heartbeat for them.

    • Hi Tammy.
      Tom just sort of dropped off of this thread.
      Way above, 4 years ago, I posted when SH first started TNR and even emailed him but got no response.

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