Grinning South Australian bow hunter kills feral cats cruelly and gets away with It

Zach Slattery likes to hunt feral cats on hunting trips to Kangaroo Island which is just off the mainland of South Australia. He then posts his photographs, such as the one below on Facebook. You can see him grinning inanely … please continue reading

Dudley Peninsula ‘grooming traps’ program launched that will place a toxic gel on feral cats

Felixizer toxic trap

The Kangaroo Island Feral Cat Eradication Program has been launched on the Dudley Peninsula. Read on, because this is the cold and calculated killing of feral cats under the management of the Natural Resources Management board in an attempt to eradicate … please continue reading

Westborough State Hospital cat trapped: “She was the most challenging but I wouldn’t give up”

This is the happy ending story of a cat trapped as a feral who had a change of heart and decided she enjoyed being petted. A team who wouldn’t give up is responsible for getting her to safety before construction … please continue reading