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  1. Several years ago I went along on a field trip to the zoo with a group of kids from the one of the schools where I used to teach music. The mountain lions were mating. We were inside, where you could view them through glass walls. They were in a courtyard, so that they were actually outside. Right next to the glass, so close you could almost touch them, they were going at it. The kids were interested. “What are they doing?” “Why is he biting her?” The teachers were visibly uncomfortable, yet couldn’t help but watch the big cats.

    Monty mounts his stuffed doggie and prances over it, biting it on the back of its neck. He isn’t actually making contact with it with his genitals, he just prances over it and bites it. I think he is asserting his dominance. To him his stuffed doggie is another male cat, and he is the top cat in that relationship. My husband will play with Monty with his doggie, making the stuffed dog attack Monty or jump on top of him, as if it is asserting dominance over Monty. Shortly after this, almost always on the same day, we will notice Monty mounting Doggie, biting his neck and prancing over him. He reestablishes dominance in the relationship, as if the stuffed toy was really trying to vie for dominance and it wasn’t just Jeff playing with Monty with the toy.

  2. As witnessed, many a time, most female mammals do not seem to enjoy the mating experience.
    It is my understanding that only human females and female swine experience climax.

  3. Hi =)
    Can you tell me what the source for this phrase? piece of research in France indicated that a single tom cat fathered 63 offspring in one year (one every 6 days!).

    For a school project

    • Hi Andreia, I can’t tell you the source of that bit if information I am afraid. Sorry, it was written some time ago. But you can trust it because I wrote the article and everything written by me is based on sound sources. If you want to use the information, I’d quote this website as the source.

      So you might say (source: pictures-of-cats.org). It is up to you. Thanks for asking and good luck with your project.

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